Title: Xperimental Eros

Also known as:

Year: 2007

Genre: Short / Erotic / Experimental

Language: English

Runtime: 93 min

Director: Julia Ostertag, Jeff Krulik, Mark Street, Peggy Ahwesh, more

Writer: Julia Ostertag, Jeff Krulik, Mark Street, Peggy Ahwesh, more


"Xperimental Eros" is a disc released by Other Cinema filled with wonderful new and old experimental erotic short films, ranging from the documentary "King of Porn" about a huge collector of porn, to "Sexjunkie" about a girl whose addicted to sex.

Our thoughts:
Here I am again, reviewing another art/experimental porn collection. As you might know, I tend to be really bored with these, as they often feature too little of it all. Be it porn or be it artistic value. The best one out there I would have to say is "L'Èrotisme" even though it's not as straight on porn as "Dirty Diaries" and "Xperimental Eros". I was actually pretty impressed with "Xperimental Eros" because it actually featured some genuinely good and interesting shorts, as well as amusing and sexy. But I would be lying if I called it flawless as I did find myself bored at times, yet again. But this is definitely a step up from "Dirty Diaries" and others I've watched.

Starting out with a documentary on a man who collects porn, "King of Porn" isn't one of the best ones on here but it's one of the easiest to watch and it's actually very entertaining, at times comedic. Although his collection didn't sound that huge, I suppose when it's all porn it is a hefty pile of trash he got there.

Next up is one of the most colorful shorts in the pile. It's also one of the most boring ones, as it showed close to nothing at all. But I will admit that it was beautiful colorwise and filtering, but the lack of content really dragged it down as one of the most boring ones.

"Sneakin' and Peekin'" was one of my favorites, and it's basicly just old footage taken from when a couple of people with a camera sneak into some sort of nudist camp pageant. I believe I did heard "Miss Nude America" and such somewhere, and also "Mr. Nude Trucker". What I liked about this, except for the naked chicks, was the wonderful 70/80's feeling and the entire mood of the "festival". You couldn't help but wishing you were there, back then. It ends with the filmmakers sneaking back out and that's basicly all there is to it. But more isn't needed when it achieves such simple but wonderful things.

"Removed" was a very interesting piece where it's basicly just a random pornographic scene, but the film has been scratched and messed with to death and especially the naked girl. In fact, she is almost non-existent and all that is left is a shape of her in bright white, scratched, broken film, with occasional blinks where you see her. Content-wise it's just the same old, but the way it was done really attracted my eyes. Films like these are the main reason why I wish I could work with film, as the art of films like this and the works of Stan Brakhage really catches my eye, even though I have no idea how some of them are done.

Next up is one I don't really like too much. "The Influence of Ocular Light Perception on Metabolism in Man and Animal". It's just random footage to music. All that would be great except that it takes more than that to impress my artsy nose. Total bummer with such a long, pretentious title, hah.

"The Color of Love"... Now, this is what I wanted when I heard the title "Xperimental Eros". This is classy in the dirtiest way possible. Take the scratched footage of "Removed" (except don't over-do the scratching on the ladies. In this one you see them clearly) or other really, really old porn, insert some great colors, and finally add a porno scene where two girls start by messing around with a dead man, one they later stab in the balls (I must say, this was done neatly enough to make me rewind to see it again) and eventually have their way with, orally and vaginally. This really is a film that attracts the readers on Film Bizarro, no doubt about that. It's cheesy to say that you will like it just because it has some more violent in it than the others do, but that's actually true here. And when it's as dark but colorful as this film is, where can you go wrong?

"Downs are Feminine" is another one that bored me deeply. It's a cool idea to use paper cutouts to give guys vaginas and girls penises and all that, but this was basicly just a music video and hardly interesting enough to make it worth while. I had to fast-forward through this one to make sure I didn't miss anything (if I had skipped it entirely, I mean).

The following film was definitely the best, "SexJunkie". It's not the best on an experimental level, but as far as pornography, plot, and interest goes, this ranks as #1. It's narrated by a woman who tells us she is addicted to sex and that there is no love, only sex. She is addicted to knowing men wants to have sex with her. The narration is done really well, and what's shown on screen is nicely lit pornographic scenes of her doing blokes, and some occasional odd shots that really stood out and made it more than just narrated porn. There is no doubt that Julia Ostertag could make some really good stuff that is being missed by most, if she keeps up with what she created with this one.

There isn't much I can say about "Pacifier", it starts off with on-screen text telling us about a guy or boy who wrote letters to Penthouse growing up. More specifically, the "Penthouse forum"-section, where readers mail their own sex stories. It then goes on to saying that these were never mailed, and that 13 years later the guy found his letters again and decided he wanted to make films out of them. What follows then is a really silly and stupid porno-sketch that really wasted more time than the text in the beginning did.

"Xperimental Eros" did what it promised, even though I would've wished for more in some of the films featured here. "SexJunkie" and "The Color of Love" are two shorts that I think really stood out and made this DVD worth a purchase. I will continue with my ongoing quest to find the best experimental porn collection out there, but I am certain that most of them will be worse than this and "L'Èrotisme". Anyone wanna challenge me and mail me a good collection title? Go ahead! Overall, "Xperimental Eros" is what you expect.

Positive things:
- "SexJunkie" and "The Color of Love".
- Nudity!
- "Sneakin' and Peekin'" surprised me, as it was actually very fun to watch random footage from a nudist pageant. More-so than you would expect.
Negative things:
- A few of the shorts were just as boring and uninteresting as I expect.

Gore: 0.5/5
Nudity: 4.5/5
Story: 2.5/5
Comedy: 2/5

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