Title: Return Of The Living Dead 2

Also known as:
Return Of The Living Dead Part II
Revenge of the Living Dead (USA) (promotional title)

Year: 1988

Genre: Horror / Zombie / Comedy

Language: English

Runtime: 89 min

Director: Ken Wiederhorn

Writer: Ken Wiederhorn

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0095990/

A tank of 2-4-5 Trioxin gas falls off an Army truck, and lands in a sewer at the graveyard. Two bullies and the kid they bully discover the tank and accidentally releases the dangerous gas within it. The gas spreads out over the cemetery and the ghoulish dead slowly rise from their long sleep.

Our thoughts:
Most sequels are worth shit, but this is one of those golden ones that are almost up there with the first film. "Return Of The Living Dead 2" focuses even more on comedy than the first one does, believe it or not, and it works very well. The comedy is sort of Disney-ish (in the best way possible), and reminds me of the humour in the movie "The Monster Squad", that came out the year before. Very childish but badass jokes. The movie uses alot of things from the first movie, but for a fan of the first it's a thrill to try to spot as many things as possible.

We have alot of fun scenes, like when the two leads (who are the same actors as Freddy and Frank from the first movie) say that it feels like they've been through this before, and stupid things like zombies falling into open graves. Not laughing? It's just things that has to be seen for them to be funny I guess. It's far from a scary film, but of course we have some wicked zombies and fun gore scenes too. The first zombie we see is, like always in the RotLD universe, the zombie from the Trioxin tank, called "Tarman". He doesn't look quite as brutal and awesome as he does in the first movie, but he is still the best looking zombie in here. Absolute favorite gore part of the film is when a zombie (with only an upper body) gets hot steam all over himself and becomes very slimey and rotten looking.

To be honest, I am having a hard time exactly how much gore was in the movie, because you keep focusing on the comedic parts. I know it's not an overly gory film, but it does have it share of nice scenes. Most scenes look really good, and some are just goofy, like you would expect from this. The zombie make-up is alot better than, say, the original "Dawn Of The Dead"-zombies. I've never been a big fan of plain and blue zombies, and the ones in "Return Of The Living Dead 2" are certainly not just plain. They are alot like they were in the first film, for those of you out there who's seen it.

Negative parts? Hmmm.. Well.. There is one thing in this film that I hate. Yes, HATE! It's that little fucking bully kid when he's a zombie. I would like to smash his head in. Except for that, there isn't much bad I can say. It never gets boring, and most characters are fun to watch (especially the doctor, he's hilarious). Great soundtrack this time around too.

This movie is about as entertaining as a zombie comedy gets, although not the best out there. If you liked the first one, this will be a good watch. If you like zombies, or just horror, check it out! Alot of people are bad-mouthing the flick, but they're a bunch of ugly liars.

Positive things:
- Really funny.
- Tarman #2!
- Hot steam-scene.
- Soundtrack.
- The doctor. He spits out golden quotes all the time.
Negative things:
- That god damn kid. Shit on you, kid!

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 4.5/5

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