Title: Mutant Apocalypse in Drugfuck Deathcamp

Also known as:

Year: 2014

Genre: Independent / Action / Comedy / Horror / Short

Language: Swedish

Runtime: 47 min

Director: Nils Härgestam

Writer: Nils Härgestam

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2466974/

In the post-apocalypse, different groups of survivors have to do what they can do survive. Drifterboy is a drifter who joins forces with Boss-Action. Together they try to find civilization, but end up meeting Hell-Gun and her evil army. Can the two of them defeat an entire army to restore the safety of the wastelands?

Our thoughts:
I first found out about Nils Härgestam back in 2007 when he sent me his short film "Radioactive Cannibal Vikings from Hell". I remember it vaguely as quite a typical independent effort, but which showed promise of what to expect in the future of a Swedish filmmaker clearly inspired by the splatter masters. His new film, "Mutant Apocalypse in Drugfuck Deathcamp" was never finished due to technical difficulties, but he's now making what exists of the film available. After the 34 straight narrative minutes, we have the end credits and then some additional violence/gore footage from the rest of the unfinished movie. Normally I'd say this is a 34 min short film, but because it wasn't completed you can't argue that the final 13 min are part of it.

In typical post-apocalyptic fashion we have gangs of people trying to survive. They're all taking a note from movies like "Mad Max" in terms of how to dress and act - though I'd say the filmmaker is taking a note from Andreas Schnaas and Italian cheese above anything else. This story follows Drifterboy (only one of many ridiculous names used) who joins forces with Boss-Action (told you!) to try and find a civilization beyond the mountains. Before they reach their destination, they're attacked by Hell-Gun's men. Hell-Gun is an evil woman who rules the land with her army. They kill, rape and perform experiments on people.

I would have wanted to see Nils Härgestam make something a bit different now. I don't blame anyone for making movies to have fun, but as a viewer I find it hard to continously watch movies that seem to mostly be made for the people involved to have a good time. The movie is very much like an early Andreas Schnaas movie, but with less crazy gore. That's sort of what Nils Härgestam was making back in 2007 as well, so I am curious when "Mutant Apocalypse in Drugfuck Deathcamp" actually was shot. Either this is an old production brought back to semi-life (since it's incomplete), or Nils Härgestam is still only interested in making this kind of movies. "This kind" meaning silly, crude splatter movies where it didn't seem to matter if things worked, if it was fun for the viewer, and so on. It might be perfect for those who just want movies on the level of early Schnaas, with comedy such as the narrator telling us something cool is about to happen (followed by another "Look!" to make sure we're looking). There's a whole lot of poop, piss, penis and rape jokes that just got tiresome as well. Those things can be joked about, but if you're gonna use bodily fluids then you really need to hit the right spot for me to find it funny rather than stupid. The comedy didn't work for me, much of it seemed like it could have been funny for the people involved but not at all for me as a viewer.

The gore has some entertainment value, except when there's papier mâché faces, cocks and asses. They clearly didn't try to make good effects, but still - some of the effects work within the context of an independent splatter. I remember thinking Nils Härgestam had some fun effects back in the previous films as well, so he definitely could find better use of it somehow. Whether or not he wants to, I don't know, that's entirely up to him.

Is it pointless to give a serious review of a movie called "Mutant Apocalypse in Drugfuck Deathcamp"? I don't think so, because I have to be honest with my opinion of it. It's just not funny to me. I have watched and reviewed too many independent films that aim to be funny for the people involved, but rarely for the viewer. Sure, it will bring a giggle or two since it does push the cheesiness and poorly delivered dialogue to an extreme, but those aren't laughs that I can compare to those I have gotten from something like "Redneck Zombies". That's a movie I find hilarious. To be fair, "Mutant Apocalypse in Drugfuck Deathcamp" is more entertaining than "The Taint". But in the end it's simply another backyard splatter comedy production, and one that wasn't finished at that. It takes a very peculiar taste and humour to enjoy this. Believe me, I think and hope there are many who will find this great fun, but that's not me. And I have made poorly executed, silly, comedic backyard productions myself.

Positive things:
- I think it was a good idea to release it even though it's not finished.
- It could find an audience.
- Some of the gore has entertainment value.

Negative things:
- It's just not funny to me.
- The papier mâché effects.
- The characters are just too cheesy. It's like adults playing with kids.

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 0.5/5
Effects: 1.5/5
Comedy: 2/5

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