Title: Monamour

Also known as:

Year: 2005

Genre: Erotic / Drama

Language: Italian

Runtime: 94 min

Director: Tinto Brass

Writer: Tinto Brass & Carla Cipriani

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0480919/

During a week long literature festival, a publisher (Dario) brings his wife (Marta) to stay at a hotel with him so they can go there. But the festival bores her, and so does her husband. After only 6 months of marriage he seems to have lost interest in her sexually and she just can't seem to get an orgasm. She keeps a diary hidden from her husband where she spills out all of her inner thoughts and fantasies. During the week of this festival Marta meets a stranger while wandering around at a museum. This stranger foces himself on her and she seems to enjoy it. The stranger becomes her new lover, the only problem is that Dario has found her diary.

Our thoughts:
Normally I wouldn't review a film like this. I have reviewed comedies and such, which can seem out of place too, but they are often here for a reason. Be it that they are independent, or because they feature something else that would belong here. "Monamour" is an erotic drama that I probably never would review on this site if it wasn't for one little detail; it's directed by Tinto Brass. Now, Tinto Brass doesn't always equal a good film, far from it, but he's a cult director worthy of reviewing. "Monamour" isn't his best effort, but I must say I did enjoy it more than the other Brass films I have reviewed for the website in the past (like "Attraction").

Throw out every expectations of a good plot and replace it with a plot that will promise lots of sex and drama. Here we have Marta, the wife of a publisher. Her husband, Dario, has brought her along with him during a literature festival (or book fair if you will), but Marta hates it there. Marta has also started to lose interest in her husband. She loves him in every sense of the word, but he can't satisfy her anymore. After just 6 months of being married, she can't reach climax during sex. One day she stumbles upon the cure. Enter Leon, a stranger. He falls for her at first sight and feels her up during a day at an art museum. She continues to see this stranger, and it soon blooms out as a hidden romance of lust. Meanwhile her husband is clueless, until he finds her diary. He then becomes jealous and Marta thinks that this might make him give her the satisfaction she is craving from her husband.

Writing it, it came out as a tiny bit more complicated than it really is. It has no real point to it except to set up sexy scenes for the viewer. I mean, it has more and better plot than a porno, but we don't watch it for that. "Monamour" is actually a really erotic film that is bound to turn you on, unless it managed to bore you first. I think the lead, Anna Jimskaia, is a damn fine lady and she definitely brought out some naughtiness. But the acting tends to get pretty silly here and there, and some dialogue is far from believable. I guess this is why you watch a movie like this for the erotic parts and not for the talking.

If you wanna watch an erotic drama film where it seems like bra's are illegal to wear, and the director is dying to show you the female body in any angle he can think of, look no more. "Monamour" isn't thrilling, logical or even a good story, but it hooked me with it's eroticism and lead actress. Maybe it will work well enough for you too!

Positive things:
- Anna Jimskaia
- Nudity and lots of it!
- Tinto Brass. The old bugger still got it.
Negative things:
- Not what you would call a great story.
- Some stupid acting from time to time.
- Fake penises?

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 4/5
Story: 1/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 2/5

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