Title: The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle

Also known as:

Year: 2009

Genre: Independent / Experimental / Comedy

Language: English

Runtime: 105 min

Director: David Russo

Writer: David Russo

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1039786/

After having a nervous break down as a computer programmer, Dory finds himself working as a night-janitor at an office building with a janitorial staff of misfits. The group unknowingly become the guinea pigs in an experiment to see how people react to eating chemically altered cookies that simulate 'oven-freshness' when eaten. The mood swings and hallucinations are nothing when the men realize that the cookies have caused them to conceive small blue creatures that they'll have to give birth to.

Our Thoughts:
"Yes, there's toilet humor, but there's also toilet sadness, toilet triumph, toilet a lot of things because I'm a janitor and this is my world." - OC (Vince Vieluf)

"The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle" is the result of when artistic vision meets with real world experiences. Created by David Russo after he spent a period of time working as a janitor himself, "Little Dizzle" is one of those interesting little movies that blends in absurdism with comedy. To put a different spin on an already unconventional idea: A group of misfit janitors cleaning the floors of a marketing research company, where they unknowingly become guinea pigs in a cookie experiment that cause the men to become pregnant. Who ever heard of such a thing? Not me, but add in some unbelievably beautiful animation and artistic imagery with the absurd-comedy and you've got "The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle."

"Little Dizzle" is an interesting movie because it isn't simple an 'absurd comedy'; it's not trying to be different merely for the sake of being esoteric. Part of the reason it has responded so well with viewers is because it also brings something real to the story and characters -- a reality to keep the movie grounded and not become carried away with the surreal and experimental imagery or concept. It's a character movie that follows Dory, a young man who's essentially been beaten down by life (To the point that he even finds a message in a bottle that simply states, "Fuck you.") and finds himself facing a future of uncertainty. Then at rock bottom, he gets tossed into a group of weirdoes and degenerate janitors who clean office buildings at night. Everybody at some point in their lives have found themselves in Dory's position -- at a loss of what to do and feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. Plus, for better or for worst, we know at least one person who is quite like the people who surround Dory.

However, where the movie sort of begins to lose its grip on reality is the other part of the story where Dory and the other male janitors end up eating experimental cookies. That cause wild hallucinations (which David manages to create perfectly) and side effect on the men that ends with them giving birth to...something...blue. Somehow, someway, these two very different parts of the same story manage to come together to create a uniquely funny movie. While it does have a very strange and very bizarre story of cookies, pregnant men, and fish, there is also a more traditional and linear character story to follow and both parts bring out the comedy. So maybe if you're not one for the absurd nature of "Little Dizzle", you can still enjoy and laugh at the wild set of characters. Or rather if you're like me, someone who wants something a little more out of their comedies. Then you've got that strange aspect that'll make you laugh without feeling like it's something you've seen a hundred times over.

"Little Dizzle" also gives the audience plenty to play with, or rather to take away from the movie. Certainly someone could find that the movie speaks volumes about the world of pregnancy -- the idea of 'something' growing inside you, having your world completely change, and yet still feel hope and devotion to this unknown creature. Particularly in a scene where OC sits next to his toilet, clearly feeling violated but yet has an emotional bond to the birth of the creature. Then again, perhaps you could see the movie as being a reflection of today's youth culture, or maybe our society's acceptance of chemically/process foods, could even be a world dictated by marketing.

If you're not interested in looking for subtext that may or may not be there then you can always enjoy "Little Dizzle" for what it is, and that is an off-beat comedic movie. There is a constant theme of dealing with life and an uncertain future (and how that's not always such a bad thing), not just with the character Dory, but all of them. Even the weird little fish. But still, even then, you don't have to walk away with that if you don't want to. "Little Dizzle" is still an exceptional movie with a great sense of humor and an interesting set of characters that makes for a weird but entertaining watch. Plus, there is the amazing artistic nature of the movie that embodies and visualizes hallucinations perfectly. But that is something that will also make Russo one of the more noteworthy directors who knows how to make a visually stimulating movie. "The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle" is an endearing comedy that should be seen because there is something for everyone inside.

Positive things:
- Very funny and entertaining.
- Great absurdist humor.
- Great cinematography.
- Amazing visuals.

Negative things:
- Erratic pace.
- Kind of a jumbled timeline.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 4/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 3/5

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Tribeca Films

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