Title: Johnny Ghost

Also known as:

Year: 2011

Genre: Independent / Drama / Thriller / Arthouse

Language: English

Runtime: 77 min

Director: Donna McRae

Writer: Donna McRae

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1826705/

Millicent is a professional musician and teacher with heavy baggage from her post-punk past. She's ready to move on and to remove the tattoos that constantly remind her when all of the sudden her memory comes back to her, clearer than ever. Haunted by visions of her past she has to fight her personal demons to get over the final threshold.

Our Thoughts:
Can there be enough movies about working through your own rough memories? I honestly don't think there can, since it's a storyline that allows any genre. You can find it in the silliest of comedies, as well as the most disturbing of horror movies. I'm sure you can say that about many plots, but this is also one that in the end will serve as something we, the audience, can use to exorcise OUR demons. In a best case scenario, of course.

Donna McRae's take on facing your past is about as real as they come, while it doesn't mind expanding our mind a little. Millicent used to be part of the post-punk scene, both as a fan and musician, but after the death of one of her close friends she eventually "grew out" of the scene. Now she's a professional musician and teaches at a university, but still struggles with alcoholism and cleansing her mind from the depressing memories. Her next step is to remove the tattoos that serve as constant reminders, but it becomes harder than expected when her past tries to put a stop to it. Ghosts of her post-punk past bring up all of the horrible things she lived through, making this step in her recovering process especially hard.

What I especially like about "Johnny Ghost" is that it's very detailed about things such as them being part of the post-punk scene. It's not something that we HAD to know and see to understand our character, but it's what ultimately made us relate to her. Putting that finish touch on her past life, instead of just simply saying she was a junkie or similar, made this a much more touching story in my opinion. Seeing a mature, successful woman thinking back to her troubled youth is something that you can find so much in real life - just look at your boss, your parents, your idols. You're bound to have a number of them in your life, and maybe you're one of them yourself. "Johnny Ghost" might not serve as a solution to problems, but I think it will serve as a shoulder to lean against to some. To others, it will simply be an intriguing story of working through your past, accepting what you did and have done since.

This is not the movie that will bring foam to the mouth of the fans of modernist, experimental, eccentric movies, but one that will interest only those who want a challenging movie by simple, personal means. Although it's a drama that depends on what our main character is feeling and thinking, it's not without a few psychologically rough scenes. In the end I think it's one of those smaller but stronger movies that many will miss out on (and some won't even be interested in it) but those who end up watching it will know they're time wasn't wasted. "Johnny Ghost" is a drama of very personal turmoil, and a fine addition to the neverending indie drama genre.

Positive things:
- Anni Finsterer is fantastic as Millicent.
- The runtime: less would've lessen the impact, more would've ruined it.
- The detailing in some places made it much easier to place this in the real world.
- Very relatable.

Negative things:
- There were times where I was a bit confused who was who in her past.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 3/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 0.5/5

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