Title: Humanoids From the Deep

Also known as:
Monster (International title)

Year: 1980

Genre: Horror / Sci-Fi

Language: English

Runtime: 80 min

Director: Barbara Peeters & Jimmy T. Murakami (additional footage)

Writer: Frank Arnold, Martin B. Cohen & William Martin

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080904/

Something that started out as a scientific experiments ends up in a gory carnage when amphibian monsters are accidently created. And the worst part is - they want our women to carry their children!

Our thoughts:
As a gift to Annie Riordan at BrutalAsHell.com on her birthday I decided she could pick which monster flick I watch out of a bunch I bought recently, and she went with "Humanoids From the Deep". A good choice! However, after having wanted to see this film for years and I finally went out to buy it, I realized that the movie I got was the 1996 TV remake. I will get more into this in the review for that film. But since Annie wanted me to watch the original (and I had wanted to for so long already) I set out to make it out a double feature night! And well, Annie, you must've thought of me when you went with this one - it was definitely down my alley.

Just like all of these monster films this one also goes with the premise of a scientific experiment gone wrong. This time they are rising from the sea and what makes the movie so memorable is this: they rape human women. We of course follow a couple of people who are set out to take care of these mutated creatures. Nevermind the plot, let's continue with what matters the most.

All I ever heard about this film before was that it was a sleazy monster movie. The concept of that is fascinating and that's essentially what finally put me over the edge to order it (but ending up with the remake - fuck you!). As far as I know, the female director of this film didn't shoot the majority of the rape scenes, but another director was hired after the fact. I don't know the details but I think it makes for fun trivia. Now, let's talk monsters and rape. The rape scenes are quite silly as it's basicly just a monster chasing a woman, and then at some point during the chase rips her clothes off (they seem to know how to rip human clothes off very well) and finally lays her down for some loving. Okay, that sounded more stupid than it actually is. There's no romance, of course, because it's a screaming woman and a horny creature. My point is - the rape is just the creature laying on top of her while she struggles. So, not very exciting. Except for the fact that we see boobies and monsters on screen at the same time!

The monsters definitely look inspired by "Creature From the Black Lagoon" but still not just ripping it off, and the effects are actually surprisingly good. As a monster movie fan I always think the most important thing is that we get to see the monsters a lot, and of course hopefully they look good. These absolutely did, and the last half of the movie which is basically just one big slaughter gives the monsters plenty of screen time. Not to mention the movie is quite bloody and gory, so it's literally everything you'd want out of a film like this. The version I watched also contained the otherwise cut decapitation scene.

To begin with it had potential to be a creepy monster movie, and I especially think the score contributed to that. But it doesn't take long before we realize that the movie is going for entertainment and action rather than scares, which is alright too but at the same time I always enjoy finding creepy films.

In "Humanoids From the Deep" we find some of the most important things from the 80's - nudity, cool monsters, plenty of gore and sleaze. And maybe just as important, campiness. It's a fun movie through and through, and even though we never care about the plot (it's never fully developed anyway) I still think this is a great monster movie. If you think most creature features lack the ingredients you're looking for, then I can guarantee that this one delivers.

Positive things:
- Pretty cool monsters!
- Lots of gore.
- Nude women raped by sea creatures!
- Campy and fun.
Negative things:
- Can't say the story is very good.
- The ending confused me. Not the birth but what happened before that. It didn't seem like the end to me.
- Could've been creepier.

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 2.5/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 2.5/5
Comedy: 0.5/5

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