Title: Honey Buns

Also known as:
Heads or Tails (Original Title)

Year: 1973

Genre: Adult / Comedy

Language: English

Runtime: 74 min

Director: James Chiara

Writer: James Chiara

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0140217/

Harry is a man surrounded by women at work, but he's not in their radar due to his clumsiness and lack of charisma. When he is given a red pill by a man known as The Magician, his life is taking a turn. He gets all the women he wants, and all is going swell. Except that the women magically disappear once he gets too turned on.

Our thoughts:
Impulse Pictures have a place in marketing, for honey. I fell for this cover the first time I saw it, so much so that I wish it was actually used for honey products, rather than a movie which is clearly not as classy as the cover! What we expect from this cover is tasteful, artsy erotica, but what we get is oddball comedy hardcore porn. I knew that going into it, so I'm not exactly hurt and I honestly don't care - but it did serve as an opening to my review!

Poor Harry, he works in an office for a company that produces women's products. He's clumsy and dumb-witted. The ladies understandable stay clear of him and his severe lack in charm. But after a meeting with a man known as The Magician he's given a red pill which is supposed to help him with the ladies. Soon after swallowing the pill he's given the chance to be with woman after woman, but there's a new issue on the horizon. When he gets aroused, the women magically disappear into thin air and he's left on his own again - this time stimulated and wanting more. What can Harry do before his blue balls explode? (Yes, that last sentence was formed for suspense - did it work?)

"Honey Buns" starts out with plenty of comedy. Poor comedy, sure, but enjoyable in the context of retro porn. It shows this incredibly unlikely "hero" being as clumsy as they get, and we can't wait to see him raise to the occasion and get all the girls he wants. But as soon as the pill is swallowed, there isn't much entertainment left in "Honey Buns". At least not after the first woman disappears, which I guess served its purpose. After that first disappearance we're just treated to the same things over and over again - the start of a sex scene, and then they disappear. It could probably have treated the subject in a more entertaining light. But why would it? It's porn, after all.

This is another movie which is quite poorly shot, like "The Chambermaids" was too. We're not here for the production quality though, but unfortunately you only get a few full sex scenes, since many are cut short. Maybe you don't need more, but considering it's made to be masturbated to then you'd probably prefer a full scene, right?

There are some familiar faces such as Uschi Digard and Rene Bond, with Uschi barely having a part. Matt Hewitt is an unexpected lead in a porn, but he fits his role rather well. Other than that, there's not much worth noting about the performances or their sexual acts. The story served a few forced laughs to start with but then ends up becoming a by-the-numbers porn.

Positive things:
- Starts out fun.
- The idea of the pill.
Negative things:
- Uschi Digard's small role.
- It's mostly a typical porno.

Gore: 0/5
Nudity: 5/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 0/5
Comedy: 2/5

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