Title: Gorotica

Also known as:
Wake Of The Dead

Year: 1993

Genre: Independent / Necrophilia / Crime

Language: English

Runtime: 60 min

Director: Hugh Gallagher

Writer: Hugh Gallagher

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107038/

One of two bank robbers swallows a stolen diamond and then gets killed. Then the other robber, Neil, takes the body to a cemetery, where he happens to meet Carrie. Carrie helps him leave before the cops can get him. Carrie happens to be a necrophile who starts to screw around with his dead friend, and he tries to convince the people who hired them that the diamond is in a safe place.

Our thoughts:
What can you expect from a film that starts out with a girl who touches herself while watching death photos on the TV? You can expect a good time, that's for sure! I love sick low budget films, and while this might not have the most exciting plot and it's not overly gory, it's still obscure enough to appeal to a sickophant like man.

I think what kept me hooked the entire film was the introduction scene where she does that. Why? Well, frankly, because it was a fairly hot scene. The movie continues by following the two bank robbers, Neil and Max, who has just robbed a bank for a large diamond. As they try to hide from the cops, Max comes up with the oh so brilliant idea that he should swallow the diamond, because then they can just walk down the streets like nothing. So he does that, but gets shot to death the second after. Neil eventually ends up with the body at Carrie's apartment. Carrie is the introduction girl, the necrophile, and probably the thing that keeps the film interesting. It doesn't take long before she starts to mess around with the body (that they currently are keeping in the bathtub). Even this time it's pretty hot. I might not be a fan of her sacky boobs, but she's a decent actress and makes the scene work. Back to Neil, who is trying to contact the people who hired him to steal the diamond. He tries to get some money out of them in advance to travel. And that's basicly what this film is, a criminal / necrophile film. A nice and odd mix that I think worked great. There's room for improvment, plenty of room, but it has enough to never be boring, and like I said, the plot mix works great. Take either away from the other and you're looking at a pretty damn boring film.

What really puts this film into a category of it's own as far as ultra cheap trashy shot-on-video films goes is the acting. It's surprisingly well acted. Of course, you need to compare it with other films like this for it to really shine, but I think it could beat some of the classic horror films we all grew up with. Let's face it, they don't always have great acting. I know that one of my all time favorites, "Demons", has some terrible acting.

And then we have the special effects. We sadly don't have buckets of intestines and blood. There's not too much gore, but what we have looks fine. Especially on a crappy quality bootleg like this. We also have some great looking corpses. People made up as corpses, to be exact. Even the actors who are playing dead in this film are good, and I think this is what makes the necrophile scenes so good, if that's the right thing to call it. I can't help but compare necrophile films with the mother of necrophile films, "Nekromantik", and that's the case here too. The scene in the bathtub especially reminded me of some scenes in that and the sequel. If you like "Nekromantik", you should enjoy these scenes too.

I try not to judge films like these too hard, because you kinda know what you're gonna get when you sit down to watch them. In this case, even being a little judgemental can make this stand as a pretty cool obscure flick. It's raw, dirty, erotic, fairly sexy, and the plot might not impress but it kept me interested. If your favorite film is "Cloverfield" and the sickest film you know is "Saw", then yeah, skip this one. This film shouldn't be watched by some spoiled little brat like you. If you enjoy "Nekromantik", or just any extreme film, maybe even just classics like "Maniac", give it a shot.

Positive things:
- Great acting for being what it is.
- Yes, I thought some of the scenes were pretty sexy.
Negative things:
- Could've been gorier.
- She had sort of sacky tits.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 1/5

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