Title: Flesh For The Beast

Also known as:

Year: 2003

Genre: Horror / Mystery / Gore

Language: English

Runtime: 89 min / USA:85 min (R-rated version)

Director: Terry West

Writer: Terry West

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0372921/

Six parapsychologists investigate a reputed haunted mansion and are set upon by three flesh-eating succubus ladies under the control of the sinister warlock owner bent on finding a mysterious amulet to give himself more power.

Our thoughts:
I bought this a while back knowing nothing about it, and since then I have been reading about it on IMDb alot before watching it, and the most interesting thing I found was that no one really agreed on the genre. People have called it straight up crappy porn, erotic thriller, art film, surrealistic film, gore film, zombie film, horror film, and probably some other genres that I missed reading. Being totally confused I chose to finally watch the film with no other expectations than to see some boobies and gore, be it in a art film or a crappy porn.

The story is pretty cliché and not very interesting. A group of people are in a haunted house for some reason. The owner, just like in any other film, knows everything about it and only invites people to the place because he's a selfish prick. The two tiny little things that were good with the story was that the house used to be a whore house, so that promises some interesting scenes, and that the group of people was a research team that actually came to investigate paranormal events, and not just a bunch of losers who came to win money by surviving or anything like that. I think both of those helped me stay interested enough between the violence. It's still about as unoriginal as it possibly could be, but while a better story would've helped, I think it worked just fine. But the plot was just that. Fine. Not great or perfect.

It's a pretty gory film but not gory enough to make you go "holy shit" like Bone Sickness or Braindead did to me. It's good gore though, cheesy of course, but charming and effective nonetheless. Gore was one of the reasons why I wanted to see this, and I feel very pleased with this part. I recommend it to anyone who wants some gore, as long as you're not expecting crazy amounts. The movie starts with gore, and has plenty of scenes through the entire thing.

Something that most people mention about this is that it's like a porno, but this is also what I consider the biggest lie. When the first nudity arrives 32 minutes and 10 seconds into a film, and even then it was just the shadow of a naked woman touching herself, the film is not a porno. Especially not if the film has built up way too much of a story before that. The first thing I wanted to do after watching it was to log on to IMDb and post a comment saying "Fuck people who call this porn". It's not even close enough to touch the genre "porn". Sure, it has alot of nude girls in an old whore house and they all seduce the poor guys that are there, but it's not very graphic scenes. Full frontal nudity, but no penetration, no male nudity (thank god), no vagina close-ups. They also always lead to a gory death before you know it. Sorry people who has been expecting this from the movie, but it's not even softcore. Now, the girls were very beautiful and some scenes started out pretty sexy, but it's only good enough for you and your friends to shout "HELL YEAH!" and take a zip of beer every time they get naked.

I expected crappy acting so this was probably the biggest positive surprise. I hated the black guy and the blonde lead girl though. The black guy reminded me too much of that cocky black guy in the House On Haunted Hill re-make, and the blonde girl was a bad actor. Other than that, and Jim Coope's bad acting when he has sex, everyone did a good job. This isn't the only complaint I have, there are alot of faults here. The one that bothered me the most except for the previously mentioned were the fact that the first time we see the...ehhm..well..demons, I guess, one of them had teeth painted on his lips to acheive a skeletal look, and this is never a good idea unless you're an expert.

I'm gonna try and find a decent genre for this film by going through the ones I mentioned earlier. Crappy porn? Only if they mean that it's not porn, which would be pretty crappy porn. Erotic thriller? I can see where it's a thriller, but it's never enough of a thriller to be a thriller. Hope that wasn't confusing. Art/surrealistic film? No way, there was nothing in here that makes it either of those. Gore film? It's a film with gore, but doesn't have enough gore to be a "Gore film". Zombie film? This one is stupid. There are no zombies in this film at all. They were more like demons or ghosts. Horror film? Yes, that's pretty much what it is.

This is a pretty damn ordinary horror film, with a little more nudity and gore than the norm. It's not something I would call a very good film, but it's never boring and therefor I could recommend this to anyone who just wants to see something that doesn't completely suck. I think that if you like gore, old horror, independent films or just horror, there is a chance you can enjoy it. Don't believe any other review than this one.

Positive things:
- Decent acting, with few exceptions.
- The girls were really cool looking when they were demons.
- Nude women that aren't ugly!
- Plenty of blood and gore.
- Had a creepy atmosphere at times.
- Soundtrack by Buckethead. Not a fan of his music really, but he's a good musician and the songs worked in this film.
Negative things:
- The black guy and the blonde girl.
- First scene with the demons was disappointing.
- The owner. They always know about the evil shit in the house in movies like these, don't they?
- The sound the demons makes. It's used in soooo many films.

Gore: 3/5
Nudity: 3/5
Story: 1.5/5
Effects: 3/5
Comedy: 1/5

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