Title: The Executioner, Part 2

Also known as:
L’exécuteur 2
El ejecutor de New York
O ektelestis
The Executioner 2
The Executioner - Ich, der Vollstrecker

Year: 1984

Genre: Action / Exploitation

Language: English

Runtime: 85 min

Director: James Bryan

Writer: Renee Harmon

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0173807/

In LA, the streets are overrun with hoodlums, gangs, drugs and prostitutes. With the cops inability to stop the massive crimewave, a mask vigilante simply known as The Executioner takes to the streets in order to bring justice where there is none. However, because of his use of violence and hand-grenades, the chief-of-police teams up with a local reporter to stop The Executioner from turning LA into a war zone.

Our Thoughts:
Making poor decisions is not just a hobby for me but a way life. Because making the decision to watch “Princess Warrior” wasn’t bad enough, I decided to watch “The Executioner, Part 2”. Why was that a poor decision? For starters, I could have chosen to watch something from the pile of screeners I have, but no, I wasn’t in the mood for that. Since that wasn’t an option, I could have watched a movie that I know is good from my personal collection. One that I’ve been meaning to watch for awhile but haven’t found the time.

But, oh no. Fuck, no! That would be far too rational.

Instead I decided watch “The Executioner, Part 2”. Why? Well, it wasn’t because I’m a big fan of the first “The Executioner” movie since I haven’t even seen that.

Wait, was there an “Executioner, Part 1”?

Fuck it. Doesn’t matter. But no, I decided to watch “The Executioner, Part 2” because it was streaming for free on Amazon Prime and I had the app already opened on my TV. The choice seemed obvious at that point. I mean, what was I suppose to do, not watch it? That wouldn’t make any goddamn sense! Besides, I liked “The Exterminator” movies well enough and this is clearly just that but with a different noun in the title.

And the “The Executioner, Part 2” is like that movie to an extent — it’s that typical ‘70s/‘80s concept of a local man taking back the streets from thugs and other unsavory types. Except that “The Executioner, Part 2” is grossly stupid. Even for a throwaway exploitation movie. Whenever you go into these movies you know that they are going to be composed of filler, for the most part, with a few dabs of whatever the film’s gimmick is to make it seem like you weren’t just bamboozled (even though you were).

Yet, somehow, “The Executioner, Part 2” couldn’t even get such a simple formula right. It’s hard to know for sure on whether or not it was due to incompetence or laziness, but it was surprising how dull and unstructured this film was. Particularly when it comes to motivating the “Executioner” as well as our other non-vigilante characters. This movie is genuinely a collection of scenes. Scenes that do not relate to one another. Scenes that don’t push the story forward. Scenes that don’t push the characters forward. Hell, there are many scenes that can’t even qualify as scenes because there’s nothing occurring within them that has any barring on the film as a whole. They should, but they don’t.

Large chunks of the movie have nothing to do with the Executioner — again, not surprising since he’s the gimmick and you can’t make the entire movie be about the gimmick. Instead the movie is more about the detective who’s working the case and how his daughter is in the middle of this crimewave because she partakes in the stuff.

What is the stuff exactly? Fuck you. That’s what it is. But more importantly, fuck you and fuck your perfectly reasonable questions!

Time is also spent on how all the crime is organized by one man but it’s never explained why. Or how, for that matter. That goes for the whole movie as none of the pieces are connected even though the audience is forced to endure scene after scene of characters talking. Often about nothing because the scenes are about nothing. Which then allows for nothing to be accomplished in getting this movie to do what it should be doing — and that’s being a piece of ‘80s exploitation sleaze about crime and revenge. “The Executioner, Part 2” feels like all of the dialogue scenes from other exploitation movies that were cut out because someone like, Roger Corman or Menahem Golan, told the editor that there needs to be less talking and more action. And then someone came along and scooped up those scraps and tried build a new movie out of them.

I shouldn’t have been surprised since most exploitation movies are like this — and by this, I mean ill conceived projects that were more or less slapped together. To an extent, that methodology of filmmaking turned out a few good movies certainly but most were stupid and dull, much like “The Executioner, Part 2”. I guess the reason I expected better was because Vinegar Syndrome took the time to put together a decent transfer for the movie and even released a limited edition blu-ray of it. I guess I was suppose to have some ironic sort of appreciation for the movie, but it’s just too goddamn boring to enjoy even on a shallow ironic level. And it’s a shame because there are still plenty of good movies out there that still haven’t found a digital release, but hey, at least we have “The Executioner, Part 2” available on streaming services and other digital formats.

Positive things:
- I like that the person they hired to fly the helicopter for the Vietnam footage couldn't be bothered to get into costume. I'm pretty sure those short-shorts and tube socks weren't army regulation.
Negative things:
- Completely dull.
- Far too many pointless scenes.
- More talking than action.
- One of the most annoying scenes of characters getting high from smoking pot.

Gore: 1/5
Nudity: 1/5
Story: 2/5
Effects: 1.5/5
Comedy: 1/5

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