Title: Drawing Flies

Also known as:

Year: 1996

Genre: Drama / Independent / Comedy

Language: English

Runtime: 76 min

Director: Matthew Gissing & Malcolm Ingram

Writer: Matthew Gissing & Malcolm Ingram

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0116138/

When Donner (Jason Lee) and his friends are all being cut off from the system and will no longer be receiving welfare money for doing nothing, Donner gets an idea that they should all just leave for a cabin in the woods. After some hesitation, they all agree to come along, because they will be losing their apartments soon anyway. They leave for the cabin, but after days upon days of walking through the woods, they start to wonder if Donner is actually leading them to a cabin or not. Time will show that he's actually on a search for Sasquatch.

Our thoughts:
"Drawing Flies" is often referred to as the "lost" View Askew (Kevin Smith's company. "Mallrats", "Clerks", "Jay And Silent Bob Strikes Back", etc.) film, and this is a film that I hope will remain lost. Not because it's a bad film, it's not, but because much of the film's charm is in it's rarity and obscurity, and if I were to see this film get popular, I'm sure it would be ruined. Not only by a HD DVD release, but by teenagers. But I think it's safe to say that this film will remain where it is. While many View Askew titles are alike, this is a film that would stand out no matter where it belonged, and I can guarantee that I've never seen anything like this film.

It was hard to type down the plot without making it sound like a silly comedy, but if you're reading the entire review, you won't be expecting that at all anymore. Donner's search for Sasquatch is very psychological and surreal, and there are no laughs coming from the fact that he does it at all, which is pretty darn amazing, because when you see a Sasquatch, it's clearly a man in a suit. Still it manages to be taken more dramatic than comedic. The ending is very interesting and was the main reason the film stuck in my head after the first viewing. It's simple but fits the film so good. The movie has a few laughs, even if not always big laughs. The film has many actors that has been in View Askew films, there really aren't many lines to be drawn from this to titles like "Mallrats", and even if alot of people seem to be saying "watch this if you're a fan of View Askew", the only real thing that reminded me of View Askew is that there is alot of dialogue in the film. Good dialogue I would say, even if not always well acted.

Without trying to be too deep about a film that can be viewed as just a dramatic trip into a man's insanity, I think it would be a film that "thinkers" would enjoy too. I'm certainly not saying that there is a meaning to the film at all, but in my mind it brought up a few different messages. As cliché as they might be. The first one might not be much of a message or anything, but no matter how surreal this film may be at times, in the end I couldn't help but think how realistic it actually is. The people you think you know so well can change in the shortest of time. Life takes drastic turns, deal with it even if you can't accept it. The other would be that belief can be completely insane to some, but the only way to happiness to others. If someone truely believes in something, it will be their reality.

Jason Lee ("Mallrats", "My Name Is Earl") shows that he is truely a good actor who could easily nail any kind of role. Yes, I am a fan of Jason Lee in general, but throwing away everything I think of him he is still doing a very good job in this film. It's safe to say that it's his best performance to date. I thought they all did pretty good jobs, except for the girl with short hair, I never seemed to like her acting at all. And her character was a bitch. In the film we also have a few cameo's that View Askew fans would enjoy, like Kevin Smith and Ethan Suplee ("American History X", "My Name Is Earl"). Kevin Smith is dressed exactly the same as his usual role, "Silent Bob", but is called John in this one for some reason.

The film has a very raw feel to it because it was made in black and white, which isn't something a "comedy" (it's far from a comedy, but IMDb seems to think it is) usually goes for, and it feels even more obscure because of the bad quality of the video and the audio. It's a film that shows that horror-related genres aren't the only genres that can be done well independently and experimentally. Watch it. I don't care if you do it for Jason Lee's great performance, or for the interesting ending, just watch it. If you don't like it, go watch "American Pie presents Band Camp" or whatever, I could really not care. I'm gonna go against most people and say that this isn't for View Askew fans, but for the fans of indie films, art films, surrealism, insanity, and for people who wants to see something completely different.

Positive things:
- Jason Lee is very good in this film.
- Lots of actors who are now famous.
- Very interesting.
- Raw and dirty, and it's proud to be it.
- The ending.
- Makes you think, whether it was made to or not.
- There is a bunch of guys in diapers in the middle of the woods, having some form of group therapy.
Negative things:
- People don't seem to like it. I think it's View Askew's best film, and I'm even a fan of them.
- Hard to find for those who wants to.
- Being labeled a comedy. It's not. It has comical moments, but it's more of a drama.
- The diaper gang could've been left out of the movie really...
- Writing a decent review for this was very hard.

Gore: 0.1/5
Nudity: 0/5
Story: 4/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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