Title: Cannibal Vegetarian

Also known as:
Ljudozder vegetarijanac (Original title)

Year: 2012

Genre: Drama / Arthouse

Language: Croatian

Runtime: 85 min

Director: Branko Schmidt

Writer: Branko Schmidt, Ivo Balenovic (novel)

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2275813/

A morally corrupt gynecologist lies to his patients if he feels it will profit him or if they have been annoying him. He gets involved in some seedy business and starts giving prostitutes check-ups for a nice price. But his bad behavior is soon catching up to him when the death of a hooker leads to him.

Our thoughts:
Reading too much about "Cannibal Vegetarian" is very likely to lesser the effect for people. This movie is Croatia's entry to the Oscars so I can guarantee that it's not as cheap as the title make it out to be (it's not about a man eating human lettuce!). It's a provocative drama from a country we don't hear from too often, and while it would be easy for some people to claim that what we have here is a shockfest, I can't say that anyone frequent to Film Bizarro will be knocked out by it. There are still some things in here that will put some people off.

"Cannibal Vegetarian" is about a seemingly excellent gynecologist. He's on the top of the ladder at the hospital, and will soon get a hefty promotion. He's not at all what he seems though. He's a complete sleazebag. He's a drug-using, sex obsessed, arrogant asshole. If a patient rubs him the wrong way, he'll lie. In one case a woman arrives after his usual hours, and it's urgent because she is going on a trip. He gets annoyed and tells her he can't see a baby in there, so she will have to stay and miss her trip. But it's when he gets involved in helping a stripjoint owner, by giving his hookers check-ups, that he gets deeper in the shit. Nothing will face him, though. He'll dodge anything and get out a winner. Soon one of the hookers he performed an abortion on is found dead.

The subject of a seedy gynecologist, abortions and similar is without a doubt the most upsetting thing about the movie. If anyone reacts strongly, it's because of that. There's sex and drug-use in the movie, but none of that is any worse than what you're used to. One abortion does get pretty gross and bloody, though, so that might be effective. Also a scene of a dog fight. The movie itself is rarely more intense than the subjects. The attitude of the doctor and how he gets out of everything seems to be the main plot. The movie underlines corruption quite clearly, but at the end of the day it's a sleazy movie that doesn't really move far from where it starts. It's way more light in the mood than you'd expect, even making it amusing at times. It IS a bleak movie though, that I can't deny. The first two thirds or so of the movie flows perfectly, but it lacks an intriguing result.

I can't really go on about the movie as it left me rather blank. Not due to it being a strong movie, but because it was just not that emotionally involving. You get a pretty interesting movie but it doesn't develope enough for us to care by the end. There are moments that are strong and effective, some scenes are quite interesting, but it's ends up being very underwhelming. I don't think the ending is bad, but it seemed to be going to really intense places but ended up just skipping that whole part, and finally end.

Positive things:
- Rene Bitorajac is very good in the role.
- Some effective moments.
- Not a bad story and idea.

Negative things:
- Overall an underwhelming experience.
- Should've gone a bit further with the subjects.
- Easy to expect it too be a shocking movie.

Gore: 1.5/5
Nudity: 0.5/5
Story: 2.5/5
Effects: 3.5/5
Comedy: 1/5

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