Title: Burial Ground

Also known as:
Notti del terrore, Le (Italy)
Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror (USA) (DVD title)
Nights of Terror (UK) (video title)
The Nights of Terror (UK) (complete title)
The Zombie Dead (UK) (DVD title)
Zombi horror (Italy)
Zombie 3 (Europe)

Year: 1981

Genre: Horror / Zombie / Sleaze

Language: Italian / English (Dubbed)

Runtime: 85 min

Director: Andrea Bianchi

Writer: Piero Regnoli

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0081248/

A group is attacked by flesh eating zombies after a professor opens the crypt they are buried in, and reanimated them. This group, who just recently were celebrating in a big villa nearby, are now forced to fight the rotten dead.

Our thoughts:
"Burial Ground" is one of my favorite zombie movies to date. Not because of how well-written it is, or because of amazing acting, and not even because of excellent make-up. No, all of those pretty much stink in this film. There is just something about this film that makes it so appealing to me.

The only real plot except for survival is gone after the first 5 minutes when the professor resurrects the zombies. After that it's all about zombies, killing and incest. They never really find a way to get rid of the zombies, and they never manage to kill them all off. While the movie doesn't offer the same quality as other Italian zombie flicks like "Zombi 2", I would say it still manages to be alot better than stuff like "Nightmare City". I don't dislike "Nightmare City", but it's a movie that isn't up there with "Zombi 2" in quality either, but it still manages to be alot more famous than "Burial Ground" is, which is beyond me. It's a very obscure and sleazy little film, with great rotten zombies that are very slow moving. I think the small subplot with Michael and his mother deserves an Oscar. Michael is played by Peter Bark, a man who was about 26 years old when the film was made, but since Peter Bark is so tiny, he is playing a little boy. A little boy who's in love with his mother. We have a few incest shots with them, one where he tries to touch her between her legs, but my favorite is when he's a zombie and he bites her nipple off.

The special effects in this film might not be excellent, but the zombies look extremely rotten, which is a look that we never really seem to get anymore, especially not from American zombie films. It's obvious that the zombies are wearing cheap masks, but if you can look beyond that, they look really cool. I think the biggest problem with the masks were the light that was shed on them, because you can see so much of the person inside. The violence is pretty nice graphically, especially compared to the zombies, and we have some nice shots of chopped off heads and bitten off nipples. Definitely over mediocre in both amount of gore and how the gore looks.

Acting is real shitty. Shitty in a way that makes it charming, of course. The dubbing isn't too bad, 'cause it never really seems to be done that good to begin with in Italian cinema. Peter Bark can also win an award for the best line, and the way it's said. "This cloth, it smells of death!". This line has become legendary between fans of this film, and it's almost worth to watch for that alone.

It's a fun film that deserves more love among zombie fans, but I still understand why people would dislike it. It's not a good movie, it's just very very entertaining. It has gore, incest, rotten zombies, hysterical lines, nipple biting and alot of maggots, so there is no reason for you to skip it. Call a bunch of people who like cheesy movies, drink yourself drunk and put on "Burial Ground"!

Positive things:
- No real story. I just can't see that as something negative in a zombie film of this quality.
- Really rotten zombies. The true Italian style.
- I like the soundtrack. It's very...70's and weird.
- "This cloth, it smells of death!"
- Peter Bark.
- Gore.
Negative things:
- Too bright lighting makes the zombie masks look even worse.
- A very disliked film.
- It's not very good.

Gore: 2.5/5
Nudity: 1/5
Story: 0.5/5
Effects: 2/5
Comedy: 2/5

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