Learning About Stuart Simpson - December 2008
Interview by: Ronny

Stuart Simpson is an underground filmmaker, head of "Lost Art Films", who has made the twisted award-winning film "The Demons Among Us", that was just released by Troma. He has also made a few short films like "Sickie" and "Greedy Guts" which are all a part of his coming film collection "The Dark Psychosis".

How did your film end up at Troma?
Lloyd Kaufman, president of Troma, was a guest at two of the film festivals here in Australia that Demons Among Us was screening. Although I never meet him myself I heard he liked the film so I emailed him and went from there.

I have seen alot of movies, but The Demons Among Us was certainly something very different. Was the visual aspect of the film always something you wanted in it?
Thank you. Yes I am always obsessed with the way something “looks”. And coming from a visual arts background, I’m always thinking about composition and colours when I’m writing the script and how the overall film should feel.

There is a quote on the DVD, from Digital-Retribution.com, where they say the film is what Evil Dead would've been if Lynch co-directed it. Is Evil Dead and Lynch two big influences to this film?
Sure. Lynch is brilliant. He captures the darkness like no other. And Evil Dead is one of my favourite films. The camera work is so energetic and inventive. It’s a great example of a film out shining its humble budget.

How did the audience react to the film when it was new?
Well, a bit mixed really. I think some of the hardcore horror junk food fans thought it was a bit arty or something because it has two dream sequences and didn’t have a retarded amount of gore but on the other hand struck a chord with horror fans wanting something different and a bit surreal.

It was hard tracking down info about you. What have you done before The Demons Among Us?
Demons’ was my first feature film. I had made several short films before that and plenty of music videos, of which I still like to do every now and then. Go to the "lostartfilms" channel on Youtube.com if you're interested. All the stuff on there is directed by me.

I just finished watching Sickie. How did you come up with an idea like that?
Nick Kocsis (SPFX Make up) and I just came up with it one night over some beers, in an attempt to do something with all the gore effects left over from Demons Among Us.

How is your new film "The Dark Psychosis" coming along?

Really good thanks. Just finished shooting the second last story and are in rehearsals for the last one. Very excited by the footage we are getting.

What can you tell us about the different shorts?
They are dark, scary, gory, funny, crazy and extremely entertaining! I think we have come up with some very original and bizarre stories that look fantastic. Nick (FX) has out done himself and the performances by our beautiful all-girl cast are amazing. Is that talking it up enough, ha ha.

I saw somewhere that you've done something for the band Blood Duster. Being a big fan of them myself, I just have to ask what it was you did for them? If it was a music video - for which song?
Yes I did the “Piss Stomper” video clip for them last year. Lots of fun and they are a bunch of dudes. Great live band.

And like always, I have a couple of simple questions that I just have to ask: What are your all-time favorite films?
Blue Velvet, Mad Max, The Shining, Vertigo, Evil Dead, The Brood…too many to mention.

What directors has been your absolute biggest influence?
Cronenberg, Kubrick, Lynch, Hitchcock...

Name an actor you wouldn't mind seeing hanging in a noose?
Tom Cruise

Are you a fan of the mainstream horror films we get nowadays, like Hostel, Saw, Halloween, etc?
The first Saw was good. I can’t stand all these remakes of classic horror films though. Some of them are barely 20 years old. I don’t bother watching them anymore, they only make me angry.

Is there a director everyone loves that you can't stand?
Ha ha, I'm not going there.

Last question: What can we expect from you and Lost Art Films in the future?
"The Dark Psychosis" will be all done next year so keep an eye out for that. And then I’m going to be developing one of several scripts we have brewing. They are all pretty mental and exciting. You can always expect something different from LOST ART.

Thanks for taking your time with us. Do you have any last words?
Thanks for the support! If anyone’s interested in our current project then please join either our Facebook group at:

..or add the Myspace page:

And of course check out Demons Among Us. Available now at Troma.com!

For more info about Stuart Simpson and Lost Art Films, go here for the Demons Among Us-site. Here, for Stuart Simpson's Myspace.
You can find our review of Demons Among Us here.



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