(Posted: 17 March 2012)

The first thing I watched by Patrick Rea was his solid horror feature "Nailbiter" and I just knew I had to watch his previous stuff as well. So I decided to make an article out of it and put all the short film reviews in one place - thus making it easier to find his stuff!

Patrick Rea is probably one of the most solid short films directors I have stumbled upon in the past years along with the people of Fatal Pictures. The thing about Patrick Rea is that he has a butt-load of short films behind him and they are all extremely tight and overall well-made. That Patrick Rea surrounds himself with talented people is no doubt, and I can only wish that now after the feature film "Nailbiter" we will hear his name more often than we already have. As I am a huge fan of short films I had a lot of fun going through these - it's rare to stumble upon a filmography this solid when it comes to short films. But I am actually more excited about his future, as I think he has a lot to offer left in him. Especially in the feature length medium.

Enough babble about the man behind the films, even though he definitely deserves the attention, and let's continue with the short film reviews that I made this article for:

Directed by Patrick Rea
Written by Patrick Rea

Watch it now:

A wanted criminal checks in to a hotel and hopes to stay away from trouble for the night, but someone starts harassing him from outside of the room's door. The suspense amps up once he received strange notes from whatever is on the other side of the door - but whenever he opens the door to confront the person there's no one there. Whatever it is that is after him, it seems to be something that appreciates his crimes and copies them. But there is something supernatural behind this. "Do Not Disturb" does come off as one of the weaker films out of the ones reviewed in this article, but that's not saying a lot because it's still a solid short film, as you would except from Patrick Rea. The reason it doesn't top the others is simply because I couldn't get into the whole part of our main guy being a murderer. The supernatural bits are quite creepy though, and they are doing their best to stay away from clichés. That's always appreciated from us horror movie fans.
Directed by Patrick Rea
Written by Patrick Rea

Watch it now:

"Next Caller" is a real treat. It's about a late night DJ at a radio station who just fills the schedule with whatever. Last week it was about aliens, this week it's about the supernatural. He asks people to call in with their own stories and also has a special guest to interview - a woman who claims she can talk to the dead. She also claims she talks to God and the Devil. The witty DJ inevitibly starts to mock her, up until he gets a phone call from a certain someone "up there". I think what makes this one so great is that while it's a far-out and crazy idea and has some humour in there, it still maintains a certain intensity that makes it a pleasure to watch. The DJ is just wacko enough to be believable and the special guest never becomes the typical "Oh I'm so dark and therefor I talk to the dead!", even though some typical character traits are impossible to dodge. This short film isn't filled with originality but it has a director who loves the genre and knows exactly how to shape it into something fun.
Directed by Patrick Rea
Written by Patrick Rea

Watch it now:

The opening plot of this short film is about a cheating husband's wife comes home an hour earlier than expected and his lover has to hide in the closet. But the wife is quickly on to him and ends up killing both him and the mistress. Then it takes a turn to something a lot more... vampiric. It's not a bad short film - the production is again remarkable overall. But it lacks a little something extra that I think many of his films have. However, if you want to watch a vampire film that captures the right atmosphere of the subgenre, then definitely give this one a go. Not to mention the ending brings us a pretty fun twist to the film.
Directed by Patrick Rea
Written by Patrick Rea

Watch it now:

In the tradition of family movies featuring terrorizing kids (yes, like "Problem Child", "The Addams Family" or even "Home Alone" at times) this one comes packed with a goofy soundtrack, typical adult-meeting-child scenes and just overall a nice, cozy feel to it. This specific short film is about the terrors of getting girl scouts trying to sell you cookies. Over and over again! Through-out the film there's always the expectation of the film venturing into horror territory, and of course that's the case as well. Not that it ever gets scary - it keeps a fun tone, but it has some genuinely freaky scenes. And of course, pitch-black comedy!
TIME'S UP, EVE (2010)
Directed by Patrick Rea
Written by Patrick Rea
& Jon Niccum
Watch it now:

A sci-fi noir short set in 1940's, in a world where someone, or something, is collecting the souls of people. We follow a woman who is losing her loved ones to these collectors. What makes this short film so outstanding is the style. It mixes the classic noir style with a modern take on it perfectly. It's both beautifully shot and the sound work is just spot on with its compressed quality and jazzy tunes. This short film is all it ever tried to be and that's a very successful feat. Classy, beautiful, trippy and simply impressive as a whole! Hands down the most impressive out of all the short films in this article because of how it looks. It looks so good that it's easy to forget that the story is actually quite interesting too.
HELL WEEK (2011)
Directed by Patrick Rea
Written by Michelle Davidson

Three sorority sisters give a guy what he deserves after he has taken advantage of them to get accepted to a fraternity. So essentially, it's a sadistic short film of revenge and stays in touch with reality a lot more than the other short films. I could've seen this one go a little further than it did to really make it worth while but it's fun and most definitely to the point. This is the one I probably have the least to say something about but that doesn't mean it's a bad film at all.

So there you have it - a whole bunch of professionally made short films from a director who knows how to mix horror with comedy, and who isn't afraid to make it stylish. Sure, clichés are to be found in most of these but at the same time they are different enough considering they are just short pieces of horror entertainment. You can't ask for much more - this is one hell of a solid filmography of short films. Patrick Rea is a name to look out for, and make sure you check out "Nailbiter" once it's made available to you!

Check out the following websites if you want to know more about Patrick Rea and SenoReality:
Patrick Rea's IMDb


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