Adrián Cardona
Anaël Lefèvre
Brothers Quay
David King
François Simard
Gaspar Noé
Hermann Nitsch
Jan Švankmajer
Jim Van Bebber
Jon Moritsugu
Julien Zenier
Jörg Buttgereit
Kenneth Anger
Kenneth Thomas
Kurt Kren
Marc Caro
Marcus Hutchings
Matthew Luke Andrews
Olivier de Sagazan
Otmar Bauer
Otto Mühl
Owen Mulligan
Paul Campion
Richard Kern
Robert Morgan
Salvador Dalí
Sam Taylor-Wood
Shūji Terayama
Stan Brakhage
Takena Nagao
Tessa Hughes-Freeland
Tim Sullivan
Toshio Matsumoto
Trey Parker
Usama Alshaibi

Are We Still Married? ("Stille Nacht II") (1992)

Are we still married? THE_QUAY_BROTHERS
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