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31 March 2011 ALMOST SOLD OUT!

The movie is still available, but we are running low on DVDs. When these are out we don't know when we will be making any more of them. In the mean time, there are stores that have bought some copies to sell so you can always check with them if they still have copies left! You can find these stores in our LINKS section.

1 February 2011 OUT NOW !

Thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to pre-order the DVD, it's amazing to see such interest in a small film like this! I would also like to thank the store, and for supporting us and getting several copies for their store. It means a lot for me as a filmmaker to get support like that.

You can still order the DVD, but remember that we have LESS than 30 copies left! If we run out, you can always get it at the stores we mentioned.

16 January 2011 OUT SOON + NEW REVIEW!

The DVD is out at the end of the month, so remember to pre-order it!

And now to the actual news - Cinema Head Cheese wrote a great review for Récompence and we recommend you head on over there to read it!

"If you happen to like a lot of sex and gore in your films, this may also be something to check-out to quench your thirst for some solid independent horror."

Check out the review here!

2 December 2010 PRE-ORDER NOW!

As you can see, we have updated the website quite heavily. This is because I wanted something more simple, something clean. I am also sorry that we rarely update the website. I still recommend that you check us out on Facebook for more frequent updates.

There are three big news though:

- Fanatisk Film and Film Bizarro Productions put their heads and wallets together to release Récompence!
- YOU CAN PRE-ORDER IT NOW! Just click here!