(Posted: 21 October 2011)

Melbourne, 1949: Private eye Jack Mitchum is a good man in a dirty town. When the beautiful and wealthy Valerie Richmond requests Jack investigate her philandering husband, Jack instead becomes witness to his murder. Identified at the scene, Jack has only days to prove his innocence before he takes the fall. His investigation takes him deep into Melbourne’s seedy underbelly. A world of shady bars, wild women and rampant violence. Jack has to play rough & dirty just to stay alive as he learns that in this world, Only The Young Die Good.

"Only The Young Die Good" is the third and latest feature film by award-winning Writer/Director Dominic Deacon and Producer Anna Young.  Currently in pre-production, production is scheduled to commence in Melbourne, Victoria in November 2011.  The film delivers a sexy, action-packed spin on classic 1940's Hollywood and Film Noir.

Mark Casamento as Jack Mitchum
Jasper Jewel as Gloria Dulce
Emily Paddon-Brown as Valerie Richmond
Rod Lara as Ramon 'El Chacal'
Miss Strawberry Siren as Stephanie Wells
Becky Lou as Lucy Raymond
Haydn Evans as Walter Sopwith
Ann Doll as Ruby
Ashleigh Southam as Lucas
Dennis Kreusler as Detective Peabody

Dominic Deacon - Director/Writer
Anna Young - Producer
Matthew Scott - Director of Photography
Evan Kitchener - Sound Designer
Nichole Jenkins - Costume Consultant
Samii Salisbury - Makeup Supervisor

Read up on both the cast and crew for the movie on the official website here: Only The Young Die Good: About The Film

While "Only The Young Die Good" is a Southside Production, it is being brought together by the same team behind Dank Films' Bad Habits and Burlesque. We were lucky enough to have a chance to view both movies last year (Bad Habits Review - Burlesque Review)and as some of you may or may not remember, Burlesque was one of our favorite movies from last year. It's great to see both Anna Young and Dominic Deacon are moving forward on a noir thriller project as their two previous movies showed a definite influence from that genre and time period so it only seems like a natural progression for the talented filmmaking duo.

They have a fund raising project going through Pozible: Crowdfunding Creativity and have put together some incredible gift packages for those who are willing to donate. We enjoyed their previous work so much that we will definitely be contributing to the project because as there is no doubt that "Only The Young Die Good" will be another excellent film from them. They're more than halfway to their intended goal so lets help them reach it so they can get this movie under way!

For latest news and updates you can visit the "Only The Young Die Good" official website or you can follow the movie through their Facebook page or by Twitter.




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