(Posted: 20 July 2010)

The third and final installment of The Horror Vault Trilogy is out on DVD now. It contains five new stories of terror and depravity.


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Starting off, it's "A Christmas Haunting" directed by Kim Sønderholm and starring Kim Sønderholm, Russ Diapper, Tanja Bønke, Mette Løvendahl and Celebrity model Katrine Poulsen. There's also some brief cameos by wellknown indie stars such as April Monique Burril, Monique Dupree, Eileen Daly, Brinke Stevens and Eleanor James. Also horror diva Dai Green and Playboy model Nikki Magnusson makes a brief appearance aswell as Swedish topmodel Veronica Thorsell.

Then follows "Zombie Office" by English film maker Johan A Krueger, which is a black, twisted and comedicly nihilistic story about...well, guess the title pretty much says it all.

"Undone" by David C. Hayes and John Scott Mills follows, about a man kidnapping another man wanting revenge for his crimes. "Undone" stars David C. Hayes, Eleni C. Krimitsos, Kevin Moyers and many more.

Up next is "Unchangeable" by Canadian born film maker James Barclay, about a man going slow inside after the tragic death of his girlfriend. "Unchangeable" lives in a very David Lynch-esqe universe which will definately leave you thinking about it after it's over. "Unchangeable" stars James Barclay, Lene Storgaard, Kim Sønderholm Henrik Vestergaard Nielsen, Anders Brink Madsen, Leslie Hinge and many more.

Finally, where "Unchangeable" leaves us in an insane universe, "The Psychomanteum" takes us even further. Megon Kirkpatrick stars as the teenager who falls deeper and deeper into insanity, accompanied by actors such as Dave Staley, Colleen O'Donnell and Helen Sanger Pierce as her mother.

THE HORROR VAULT 3 is now available on DVD at various retails such as Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Barnes & Noble, Target, Axelmusic.com and all other renown retails.

Info page: http://www.thehorrorvault.net/3
IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1235786/



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