(Posted: 29 September 2011)

"Gallino" is a new film by underground filmmaker Carlos Atanes. In his own words, he calls it "a pornophilosophical film", and I must admit that it sounds extremely interesting.


The official websites to visit are:
GallinoFilm.com & CarlosAtanes.com!

What you should do is, click this link and help support the movie. You know it's the right thing to do! http://www.indiegogo.com/gallino

But if you're not here to give away your money, what exactly is "Gallino"?

“Gallino, The Chicken System” is the fourth underground feature movie written and directed by Carlos Atanes. It's about a strange meeting at night in a poultry store lost in Antarctica. A story full of lechery, sarcasm, extravagance, impossible geometries and discovery of existence's hidden sides. As it is usual in Carlos Atanes' filmography, "Gallino" is an unclassifiable film, with no genre, an amazing immersion into diffuse cracks between dream and reality. A multi-layer matryoshka doll programmed for spreading out in the viewer's unconscious.

Check out our old review for Codex Atanicus here!


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