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Today marks the day that Breaking Glass Pictures release the latest master-gore-piece, Bleading Lady, (formerly Star Vehicle) from director Ryan Nicholson. This joint production by Plotdigger Films and New Image Entertainment is being released uncut for the very first time, on DVD. To celebrate this special occasion we decided to grill not only the director himself in a quick-draw interview, but stars Dan Ellis and Sindy Faraguna as well.












Don is a chauffeur and a movie buff who tkes his job seriously - very seriously. When his latest assignment takes him to the set of a low-budget horror film, he's overjoyed to learn he'll be driving Riversa Red - His favorite B-movie "Srceam Queen." While driving his beloved idol, Don assumes the role of bodygaurd and turns fiercely protective, especially after learning that Riversa has a stalker. Hell-bent on protecting his queen and fueled by paranoid fantasies, Don's usual temper tantrums go to fatal extremes. Soon he proves to be not only Riversa's biggest fan, but her worst nightmare as well.

Bleeding Lady confirms cult director Ryan Nicholson(Hanger, Gutterballls) as the "king of cinematic sleaze"(cinesploitation) and serves up plenty of blood-splattering gore, nudity, and dark humor. As HorrorNews.net puts it, Bleading Lady "delivers the goods!"

DVD Special Features:
- "Behind the Wheel: The making of Bleading Lady" 30 mins. featurette
- "Left Coast TV presnts "On the set of Bleading Lady"
- 8 Deleted Scenes
- Alternate opening
- Commentary with Ryan Nicholson and Dan Ellis
- "Bleading Lady" trailer
- Vicious Circle trailers
- Sexy Gory Stills Gallery


Original Star Vehicle Trailer
Bleading Lady Trailer

Photo Galleries:
Official Bleading Lady Facebook Page
Plotdigger's Bleading Lady

Other Media:
On Set Interview with Ryan Nicholson

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Here is what we Film Bizarro have to say about Bleading Lady:

Ronny - It has been said a lot that "Bleading Lady" is a very different Plotdigger film, but I'm not sure I agree. It's filled with great gore and it's pure entertainment, and with a macho Dan Ellis. Sound familiar? The thing that might differ is that it feels a lot more insane and dark. Mature some would say, but you can't expect another "Hanger" or "Gutterballs". This is new territory for them in that sense, sure, but it feels right. They knew what they were doing and they pulled it off nicely. With Dan Ellis playing his best role to date, "Bleading Lady" is by far one of the best Plotdigger films (almost up there in the top with "Gutterballs").

Preston - "Bleading Lady" may not be the outragous gory sleazefest that was "Gutterballs" or the over-the-top gross-out flick that "Hanger" was. Regardless, "Bleading Lady" still has all the Plotdigger trimmings that we've come to know and love: beautiful ladies, impressive gore gags, and Dan Ellis. Now even though the fact that it's a more subdued movie and not quite the balls-out exploitation flick that you might expect. It's a damn good movie that shows everyone involved with Plotdigger Films aren't limited by having to do the same thing - Ryan and Co. can succeed branching out into new territory.

You can read our full review here: Bleading Lady - Review

Now, what you all came here for. The interviews...




Why the change in style in the movie compared to your previous films?
All of my movies are different in style but some share common traits...Bleading Lady is really no different, it even has a penis severing!

Did the jokes about horror movies and actors and general ribbing of the genre come from any real life experiences on horror shoots?
Totally. The idea of a psycho movie driver is from riding in vans with drivers that say the weirdest things. It was all based on real experiences... people's egos and shit. Actors that refuse to believe their slumming in low-to-no-budget stuff

Do you notice yourself growing as a filmmaker with each film? If so, was there anything specific that you felt you did better with Bleading Lady?
I think the on-set action is better than my previous stuff. The third act is a strong one - the pacing is strong. It was my first all outdoors shoot so I was learning about shooting exteriors.

Describe Bleading Lady in a way that will interest people, but only in three words.
Lights Camera Murder!






































Since this was a very different movie for Ryan and Plotdigger Films; was it different for you in terms of performance, getting into the character, etc.?
It is a different film for sure and I was pretty excited when Ryan told me about this one. I was happy to see Ryan explore some new waters so to speak and the role seemed like a bit more of a challenge for me because the story relies a lot on “Don”. I knew that I was going to be “front and center” so there was a little more pressure on me (self imposed of course) this time. Now as far as preparation and such I found myself letting “Don” out quite often at the store, gas station and anywhere I was dealing with people that didn’t know me. Now that didn’t always go well but it sure did help me feel more comfortable being “Don” and was pretty funny sometimes.

As a fellow horror fan did any of the dialogue, experience of working on low-budget horror shoots, or any of Don's character traits in regards to horror movies, ringtrue to you?
Well we were making a “low budget film” that deals with the experiences of working on a “low budget film” so there was stuff everyday to reference! As far as low budget films go I thought the characters had it pretty damn good! They had a driver, craft services (snacks, coffee other goodies), wardrobe and a tent to eat under! I would say that most of the things were pretty spot on though and the jargon was correct. What's funny is when people ask me what I do and I tell them “I act in horror movies” they suddenly get this kind of look, like I told them I was a fucking doctor or something hahaha! I guess they think I’m sitting in some posh trailer, sipping expensive teas with organic honey and waiting for my assistant to come “fetch” me to go to set..... Not sure if I would ever be “that guy” but I sure would welcome the option hahaha! I’m more of a “sitting on a bumper hanging with the crew, shooting the shit and having a coffee” kind of guy.
Now I don’t think I share Don’s complete sentiment but I can understand where he’s coming from this being the “decade of remakes” and watching a lot of films that I treasure be bought, sold and ruined right before my teary eyes.... So I understand Don, he makes sense to me.

What was the worst: being outdoors covered in fake blood, being buried up to your neck, or the perm?
I don’t mind the goo and stuff, I love prosthetics, the blood and guts that’s the best part! As far as the perm goes, I really like to alter my looks ( I think this stems from a fascination with Lon Chaney as a lil dude). When I first read a part I always get an image in my head and Ryan had said he imagined Don as an Italian or some Mediterranean ethnicity (something darker than my pasty white Irish ass) so what you see is the result of those two things. It’s one of those things that sounds like a good idea until you realize WHY they call it a perm, it’s short for PERMANENT! Hahaha! At first I thought I looked like a freak, I did, but it was such a good look for Don and made being him seem more natural to me so I got used to the look but my wife did not care for it at all.
So we come to the burial and here’s where things get a little sketchy..... Now, I am not claustrophobic, I don’t mind getting dirty and everyone was so helpful making sure I was okay.... So where did it go wrong you ask? Well, contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t pissing myself (it was warm and strangely comforting) but it was soooo hot out that day and the mud I was in was sooooo cold that I got a mild case of hypothermia that took me a little while to shake off (no pun intended). All around I really got abused on this shoot, I got hit with a shovel, elbowed in the nose and my hypothermia was just a pleasant lil cherry on top but I loved every second of it and I would do it all over again without a doubt.
When you are lucky enough to get to do something you really love there are no bad parts, you take it all for what it is and never forget the opportunities you are given.

In both the positive and negative reviews for Bleading Lady, you've managed to win just about everybody over. What's your secret?!
Knee pads and cold hard cash man! Seriously though I had fun and this is what I love to do so I can’t tell you how much it means to me to be mentioned favorably.

Describe Bleading Lady in a way that will interest people, but only in three words.
”Not A Remake”! Does that count? Or how about “Big Bloody Beard”? Hmmm doubt that will make people want to see it though..... Ah I got it “We Had Fun” and we hope you do too!
Thanks Preston for all the support you, Ronny and FilmBizarro have showed myself and Plotdigger films!
And thanks to all the people who like what we do and how we do it!






























Being the newest member of the Plotdigger family; what was it like being the new person on the set and did you know anything about Nicholson and his movies before you started working on Bleading Lady?
Taking on a new lead role for Plotdigger was an insane experience. I have been a huge horror fan since a very young age, and was ready to give my last breathe for the role of Riversa Red. I had met Ryan & Dan in Vancouver through our common indie video store, Grindhouse, and was asked to audition for the part. Previous to our introduction I had rented Live Feed, Gutterballs & Torched. Realizing we both share a very twisted sense of humor, I couldn't wait to play on set with these cats!

I think you're pretty brave baring all for your first feature but your character has an interesting perspective in regards to women and nudity in horror movies. Do you share the same sentiments in regards to sex in horror?
Honestly, I believe that your body is part of your artwork, & if you're not willing to steam up the screen..... Maybe Sesame Street is hiring! Or how 'bout a rewarding career the Wal Mart greeters have to offer? Lol...
For the love of the genre, we all know we have a formula to follow. I'm a huge fan of the always scandalous Russ Meyers' features, & knew very well what I'd be willing to bring to the table. In all honesty I am very comfortable with my bod & didn't have a problem jumping naked in a swamp full of spiders & frogs to shoot a very eerie, very sexy scene! I feel that if nudity in film fits the storyline, it builds the development of character & definitely peaks interest in our male audience. I've always been a bigtime blood pumping thrill seeker, & to be honest it gives you a good rush frolicking around in the nude with your cast & crew present! lol! It's things like this throughout your life that test your limits, and I'm all about pushing mine.

For you, what was the hardest part about making the movie and what was the most rewarding?
I'd say the repeated beating my skin & bones throughout the making of the film was pretty intense, I had bruise & scrape souveniers well into the following months. Getting thrown ass over teakettle in graves, trudging through muddy bogs (which later in the heat of summer became our cool-down refuge), being covered with sugary blood in a bee infested forest... Keeping my voice was a challenge with the horrific scenarios Riversa was put in day after day on set. The secret? Have your trusty make-up ladies carry honey for you to slam back between takes! Kept me on my toes & I'd do it all again tomorrow! Fear Factor's got nothin' on Plotdigger sets!!!!!!!
One of the most rewarding experiences filming Bleading Lady, was well, being the female lead of Bleading Lady! Like I said I have been an extreme horror fan my entire life. I have done stage since I was 6 years old & numerous tv shows & features for the last 8 years. (you won't find my work on IMDB as I have chosen to remain non-union, which allows me to work on whatever I decide) That being said, it has been a dream & goal of mine to dive into the horror genre. After years of watching & learning from some of the most legendary screen sirens like Caroline Monroe, Soledad Miranda, Ingrid Pitt, Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, Susan George, Suzy Kendall, Jamie Lee Curtis etc.... I knew I would put my blood, sweat & tears into bringing Riversa Red to life.

Describe Bleading Lady in a way that will interest people, but only in three words.

Thank you very much FilmBizarro... xoxo ~Sindy Baracuda Faraguna







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