Uploaded: 28 May 2016    


Action / Horror / Romance

In his late teens, Cayden understands that he has a curse that was passed down to him from his biological parents. He transforms him into a powerful but bloodthristy beast at night. One morning he wakes up in his home that is covered with blood. The blood trails lead to his slaughtered adoptive parents. He is now the prime suspect and has to escape. He ends up in Lupine Ridge, where he realizes that he is not the only lycanthrope.

Uploaded: 27 May 2016    


Birds of Neptune
Independent / Drama

After the passing of their mother, sisters Rachel and Mona have found solace within the walls of their childhood home while leaning on one another for support. This relationship has suited them well for some time as each sister has created their own worlds, but recent changes threatens to sever what few threads remain that’s keeping everything together.

Uploaded: 25 May 2016    


Short / Drama / Comedy

Five friends plan the perfect goodbye for one of them who has diagnosed with terminal cancer. The plan is to each find a piece that connects them, an item that's very personal to them and their friendship, and burn that in a big fire.

Uploaded: 25 May 2016    


Independent / Comedy / Drama / Arthouse

The Loner lives in Chicago, a place that he calls home - despite all the weird people that live there. Follow The Loner through a regular day in Chicago, and join in on the odd encounters that surround him.

Uploaded: 25 May 2016    


Nihan: The Last Page
Short / Drama

A man is writing a book about the life he lived with his wife that recently passed away, but is stuck on the last page. He has to make sure that the story ends right, and to do that he needs to see to it that the house they lived in will forever be theirs.

Uploaded: 24 May 2016    


There is no abyss, however deep, that compares to your bed
Short / Experimental / Erotic

Follow three lovers on the town, in what ends with a dangerous night of sex and drugs.

Uploaded: 23 May 2016    


Thriller / Drama / Horror

Jonathan's traumatic childhood has turned him into a socially anxious loner. He lives a quiet life in his home where he takes care of his plants, with occasional interactions with his friendly neighbor and his co-worker. When a young woman sneaks into his house with her friend and ends up dead in the process, Jonathan doesn't feel as lonely anymore. His relationship with her corpse grows, meanwhile her body decays.

Uploaded: 23 May 2016    


Bunker of the Dead
Horror / Action / Comedy

Two friends have heard of a lost treasure in an old WWII bunker and decide to sneak past the recent resurge of military security in the area. While one of them gets appropriately geared with a body suit and a camera strapped to the head, the other sits in a car and guides his friend through a screen. In the bunker they realize that this was no normal bunker, but a place for research... and the living results of the test are still down there.

Uploaded: 23 May 2016    


Mystery / Romance / Horror

Four months after the death of her mother, Beckett and her father move to a new place in Manhattan. Beckett starts a new school and finds it hard to fit in. After the sudden suicide of a class mate, Beckett is noticing strange behavior among the teachers.

Uploaded: 22 May 2016    


Drama / Thriller

Kate is having mental problems. The issues grows larger when her girlfriend is going away for a few days just as the 2003 blackout in New York City breaks out. Kate is stuck in their apartment, alone and in complete darkness, when her paranoia and disturbed mind starts crawling up to the surface.

Uploaded: 22 May 2016    


Cherry Tree

While dealing with all the problems that being a teenager entails, Faith also has to process the fact that her father is dying of cancer. One day her field hockey coach invites her to a secret dungeon, claiming that she can help her father survive. All Faith has to do is bear a child to give over to the coach when it is born. Something is not quite right with the child, and it's growing fast...

Uploaded: 22 May 2016    


Project: Eugenics
Horror / Independent

In just a couple of days, large parts of the population has turned into mindless ghouls that are controlled by their strongest urges - in some cases they just become a shell of who they once were, but in other cases they become flesh eating monsters. No one knows what has caused the epidemic, but a group of people are set out to find the truth, and Project: Eugenics is revealed.

Uploaded: 18 May 2016    


Horror / Mystery

A young couple begins remodeling their home, and in the process of doing so, they uncover a young girls diary hidden in an old teddy bear that they found. Once they crack open the pages of the diary, strange supernatural occurrences begin happening around their home.

Uploaded: 11 May 2016    


I Am Ichihashi: Journal of a Murderer

After the police begin investigating Tatsuya Ichihashi and his connection to the disappearance of a young woman, Ichihashi goes on the run when the police find her body at his apartment. With an entire country looking for him, Ichihashi does what he can to become someone else and to disappear.

Uploaded: 8 May 2016    


Tabloid Vivant
Horror / Comedy / Drama

Max, a young artist, believes he has discovered a new method of painting that could change the way people experience art. He decides to bring Sara, an art critic who he’s having an affair with, up with him to his cabin so she can write an article about this new form of work. When they arrive, she finds herself mesmerized and drawn to these seemingly living pieces of art and becomes Max’s model for his next painting. It isn’t before long that their obsession with fame and completing the next piece systematically begins to break them both down.

Uploaded: 5 May 2016    


Horror / Drama / Thriller

Years after a traumatic kidnapping, Lucie is prepared to seek revenge. She arrives at a family's house and ruthlessly kills the entire family, and proudly calls her childhood friend to come over. Is the family guilty of what happened to Lucie, or has she just gone insane?

Uploaded: 27 April 2016    


The Man in the Orange Jacket
Horror / Mystery

After a group of workers on strike are laid off, a young man decides to follow their former boss to his home out in the country. Things turn deadly, quickly, after the young man sneaks into the home and now he finds himself hiding out in the mansion — taking on the persona of his former boss. However, it isn’t before long that the young man realizes he’s not alone.

Uploaded: 22 April 2016    


A Venue for the End of the World
Documentary / Comedy

From his own experience of addressing an enormous crowd at an entertainment venue, a filmmaker examines the power entertainers hold over their audiences and the correlation they may have with Nazi stage techniques.

Uploaded: 22 April 2016    


The Sand
Horror / Sci-Fi

After a graduation beach party, a group of friends wake up on the beach unable to leave due to an unknown force that dwells below. As they see their friends get eaten alive, the survivors have to find a way out of the sand.

Uploaded: 2 April 2016    


Project EROSion 2.0
Collection / Adult / Experimental / Comedy

A collection of erotic short films by filmmaker Wesley Florence. The collection delves into themes of narcissism, spectrophilia, revenge, and even bladder problems.

Uploaded: 31 March 2016    



Four cops are enjoying their night of low criminal activity when they get a call about something at an old abandoned building. When they arrive on scene, there's nothing strange going on - except for a fellow cop's car outside. When they enter the building, they're going straight to hell.

Uploaded: 31 March 2016    


The Corpse of Anna Fritz
Thriller / Drama / Horror

After a celebrity death that shocked the country, a guy who works at the morgue where her, Anna Fritz's, body rests brings two of his friends there when they're out partying. The fascination of seeing this famous person laying on a table in front of them turns into a lust. They believe there can't be any harm to sleep with the dead...

Uploaded: 23 March 2016    


Under the Red Giallo Lights with Vince D'Amato
Interview by: Preston

Film Bizarro came to recognize Vince D’Amato when he went into production for his noir-grindhouse double-feature “The Hard Cut”. It wouldn’t be until several years later that we would finally be able to see the movie, and the one thing that was most noticeable about the film, was Vince’s interesting way of experimenting with genre films. And after watching his giallo inspired films, “Reversed” and “Glass” (which made our Best of 2015 list), we thought it was time to find out more about Vince and his unique filmmaking style...

Uploaded: 20 March 2016    


The Love Witch
Occult / Thriller / Drama

When a young woman starts dancing at a burlesque club, she comes in contact with, and joins, a coven of witches. She becomes a witch of love, and uses her spells to get men to fall in love with her. But there is always a dark side to a spell coming true...

Uploaded: 18 March 2016    


Deep Dark
Fantasy / Horror / Drama

When Hermann finally acknowledges himself as a failed artist and thinks about ending is life in fear of never being able to reach his dreams, a voice calls out to him. A voice coming from a hole in his wall. A voice that promises that it will help him achieve his goal of becoming a successful artist. Soon all of Hermann’s dreams start coming true but things turn dark and deadly as the disembodied voice starts becoming more obsessed with Hermann and sees herself as more than just his muse.

Uploaded: 24 February 2016    


Excess Flesh
Independent / Drama / Horror

Jill and Jennifer are two women living in LA, and while they are roommates, they couldn’t be anymore different from one another. Jennifer is a top fashion model who lives a rather promiscuous life and does what she wants, when she wants. Jill is a shy, reclusive young woman who idolizes and obsesses over her roommate because she sees Jennifer as the person she wants to be. Jill’s obsession turns deadly when she breaks down and loses what little grip on reality she had.

Uploaded: 13 February 2016    


Hard Scrambled
Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Alice’s Diner has been around for 25 years and has been home to the unwanted and forgotten. After an incident with a deep frier leaves Alice hospitalized, the threat of the diner shutting down or being sold off leaves everyone on edge. None more so than Benno; a man who is willing to do anything to keep the diner running.

Uploaded: 10 February 2016    


The Cleaner
Short / Crime / Thriller / Drama

After having spent the morning with his lover, a hitman goes to work to help his boss take care of business. His first job is to get rid of a woman, as the boss doesn't kill women himself, but it turns out that this woman is the wife of his boss.

Uploaded: 9 February 2016    


Level Above Human
Independent / Short / Sci-fi / Horror

President Laine is starting a space weapon program, but fails to win the population over. To get them on his side, he spreads Vision X, a hallucination drug, upon the city which causes people to believe they are surrounded by aliens.

Uploaded: 1 February 2016    


Night People
Independent / Sci-fi / Horror

Two burglars break into a house with a bleak history and tell each other tales of science fiction and horror. As the tales are told, the burglars are soon going to witness the past of the house themselves.

Uploaded: 28 January 2016    


Horror / Thriller / Drama

Caroline lost everything when her boyfriend broke up with her. She's moving into a new apartment, and she's falling into depression. But something is not right in her new home. There is something else there. When she befriends a young girl she's soon to be aware of another presence there.

Uploaded: 25 January 2016    


Silent Retreat
Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Six members of a small division in a company head out to the woods for a mandatory retreat. The goal: to bring the team together and help strategize for the upcoming quarter. It all seems well and good until people start disappearing. With each person that goes missing, more secrets are uncovered at this mysterious and terrifying lodge.

Uploaded: 24 January 2016    


A Brand New You
Independent / Comedy

Unable to come to terms with the death of his wife, Santiago attempts to commit suicide. He’s plans are disrupted by his roommate, Laura, and during a casual conversation while he recovers, Santiago discovers that his new landlord, Murray, is a former geneticist who worked in the cloning field. Santiago comes up with a scheme with Murray that could bring his dead wife back to life.

Uploaded: 20 January 2016    


Uzumasa Limelight
Drama / Action

At the end of the era of classic samurai drama TV shows, a couple of old actors at a Japanese studio are struggling to keep it alive just a bit longer. When a new, modern show is being filmed, everything is changing. Seiichi Kamiyama is one of the legendary actors who has perfected the skill of dying on film, but there is no place for an old man in television for the young.

Uploaded: 18 January 2016    


Short / Experimental / Occult

A woman prays to the light, and begins to undress before it as if to give herself away.

Uploaded: 17 January 2016    


Short / Horror

His dates are loving his cooking, but what is it made of? When one young woman is invited home to a man for dinner, she soon finds herself chained up in his basement. Will she be his next date's dinner?

Uploaded: 17 January 2016    


Short / Horror

After a strange meeting with a man, a group of friends go to have some fun. But one of the girls just can't shake the feeling that there was something weird about the man. And then the friends die one after another.

Uploaded: 15 January 2016    


Independent / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

In a foolish attempt to try to make a lot of money, quickly, for his family, Worm — a simply minded, small-town man — takes on odd job from a shady individual. The job was suppose to be a standard home robbery but results in Worm being wanted for a double-homicide. As Worm flees from police custody in an attempt to find proof that he wasn’t the who murdered those people, he uncovers a world of lies and deceit from all those he knows.

Uploaded: 14 January 2016    


Why Hans Wagner Hates the Starry Sky
Independent / Comedy / Drama / Romance

Pills have been hiding Hans Wagner from reality for a long time. He's popping pills because he is scared of everything. One day he takes his last pill, without him knowing that's all he has. When reality comes crashing, a paranoid Hans walks out into the real world, and he falls in love with a cashier, but he is too scared to talk to her. A bum tried to help him, and it all takes a weird turn.

Uploaded: 13 January 2016    


Ernst Schmidt Jr.: Stones & 20 Action and Destruction Films
Experimental / Documentary / Shorts

A DVD collection covering the short film work of Ernst Schmidt Jr. between the years of 1965 to 1979, including his debut short film "Steine". It's a look into over a decade of work by one of the unsung artists of the Austrian underground.

Uploaded: 12 January 2016    


Radio Silence
Independent / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Radio warns of a deadly air borne toxin that is spreading in the nearby area where a family of a gay couple and their son lives. The family has problems with domestic abuse and their own drama, and are completely unaware of the dangers that awaits.

Uploaded: 12 January 2016    


México Bárbaro
Horror / Anthology

Eight Mexican directors give their versions of Mexican myths and traditions. The result is a variety of horrific, violent, surreal and quirky horror shorts compiled under the name "México Bárbaro". Be ready to meet everything from weird trolls to vicious strippers.

Uploaded: 11 January 2016    


Hooked Up
Independent / Horror / Mockumentary

Two guys leave for Barcelona for a trip of partying and girls. As they drunkenly follow a girl home, the nights gets weirder by the minute. Before they know it, there's something in that house that wants them dead. The windows and doors have been locked and covered, and there is little hope of ever seeing the light of day again.

Uploaded: 30 December 2015    


This has been a decent year for movies. Maybe not as great as 2014 (or at least the list wasn't as easy to make). But we have tried our hardest to get a great list of 30 titles together once again. We know that "Mad Max: Fury Road" was immensely popular and that anyone saying something bad about it is wrong, but hopefully we will not receive death threats for not including it in our list. The same thing goes for that merchandise machine that is "Star Wars" (seriously.. oranges?). But you never expected us to pick those movies anyway, did you?

Away it goes! 2015. Half a decade is gone. And these movies were our 30 favorites of 2015:



Uploaded: 29 December 2015    


Independent / Horror / Mystery

In the crawl space under a murderer's house, the butchered female victims are trying to escape only to find out that they are stuck in limbo. Their journey through the house reveals their past.

Uploaded: 8 December 2015    


Suffer the Little Children
Short / Horror

An aging teacher gets suspicious that something is wrong with the children at her school. After seeing one of the children as a hideous creature, she's in shock. Unable to shake the horror of what she saw, she brings a gun to school...

Uploaded: 4 December 2015    


The World of Kanako
Crime / Thriller / Mystery

A man returns to his past as a detective when he's desperate to find his missing daughter. His search leads him to friends and acquaintances of her, and unveils a hidden side of his daughter. The simple task of finding his daughter leads to violence, drugs and depravity.

Uploaded: 2 December 2015    


The Search for Michael Rockefeller

In 1969, adventurer Milt Machlin headed to New Guinea in search of Michael Rockefeller in hopes of finding the man himself or at least finding some answers. In 2007, Fraser C. Heston uncovered a collection of unreleased film that Machlin captured on his expedition that included interviews from various people as well as footage of local tribes. With this and Machlin’s personal notes, Heston pieces together the last great attempt to find the missing aristocrat with amazing footage that’s never been seen before.

Uploaded: 23 November 2015    


The Last Man on Earth
Horror / Sci-fi / Drama

Dr. Robert Morgan is the last man alive on Earth after an epidemic has turned the Earth's population into vampires. Daytime he scavenges for food and supplies and tries to kill off any vampires that are currently sleeping, but at night's he hides in his house behind mirrors and garlic. In his struggle to not go insane from missing his wife and daughter, he continues his fight against the creatures of the night, but his faith in surviving is restored after he meets another living person.

Uploaded: 23 November 2015    


Without Warning
Sci-fi / Horror

In the Californian wilderness, something otherwordly is hunting the few people that are around. No one believes the town's crazy, but it turns out that he has been in the know all along, and when a group of teenagers go there to camp, the truth will be revealed. Small, flying creatures are projectiled towards them, but there is something even worse waiting.

Uploaded: 21 November 2015    


American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock
Horror / Drama / Experimental

A man is kept locked away in a padded cell — only to be brought out when a doctor and his orderly wish to conduct acts of cruel and sadistic torture. The purpose: to harvest blood while serotonin, adrenaline, and endorphins are pumping through the man’s system. Each time he is brought out, the levels of torture are increased to maximize the content in the blood that’s drawn.

Uploaded: 20 November 2015    


The Devil's Woods
Independent / Horror

A group of friends take a trip together to a local music festival in hopes of rekindling their friendship that’s falling apart. On the way, they decide to stay overnight in the woods of a small town. While the locals seem unusual, everything else appears to be fine until the friends learn about a local legend regarding the woods they’re staying in. A legend that’s all too real.

Uploaded: 19 November 2015    


When Black Birds Fly
Animation / Horror / Sci-Fi

The town of Heaven is truly that — heaven. Caine oversees the happiness of his people and provides for them everything they need with only one rule they must follow: do not communicate with The Evil One that lives beyond the walls of Heaven. A newly born child named Marius plays near the wall one day and sees a cat with a broken leg. The young boy crosses into the forbidden territory in an attempt to help the cat but soon finds himself falling down the rabbit hole and discovers the truth about his world.

Uploaded: 19 November 2015    


Controra: House of Shadows
Drama / Horror

When Megan joins her husband, Leo, on his trip back to Italy in order to take care of family business, Megan finds herself drawn to Leo’s family home. The young couple eventually decide to stay there during the trip, even with renovations going on. It isn’t long before Megan starts seeing ghosts that reside in the family home and soon finds herself having to uncover the mystery that's hidden beneath the home.

Uploaded: 17 November 2015    


Diary of a Deadbeat

Notorious director Jim Van Bebber is examined in an attempt to find out how he went from a kid with a camera to the creator of what people refer to as outlaw cinema. Everyone from childhood friends to the likes of Phil Anselmo and Nivek Ogre try to shed some light on the enigmatic filmmaker while Van Bebber opens up about what drives his passion and creativity.

Uploaded: 12 November 2015    


The Innocents
Drama / Horror

After being sent away by his father as a child, Rodrigo returns to his home as a man to introduce his wife — who’s pregnant with their child — to his father and mother. However Rodrigo’s return home triggers a curse that’s been laid upon the land by the slaves that were wronged by Rodrigo’s father.

Uploaded: 9 November 2015    


Cruel & Unusual
Thriller / Mystery

Edgar is confused after finding himself in a mysterious institution where he is getting blamed for the death of his wife. Edgar tries to deny it, but as he appears to be in a loop of reliving the moment of her death over and over again, he is not so sure anymore.

Uploaded: 9 November 2015    


Crime / Drama

When a murdered man is found in the woods, a couple of people have to recall their own point of view of what happened in the murder trial. With each version of the story, facts change extensively.

Uploaded: 7 November 2015    


Eaten Alive! The Rise and Fall of the Italian Cannibal Film

In the '70s and '80s, the cannibal subgenre was growing in Italy. It did not take long before the audience got tired of the formulaic plots, but even to this day people can remember the movies widely for their brutality and scenes with real animals. This documentary looks into what the subgenre was, how it started and how it ended.

Uploaded: 7 November 2015    


Cannibal Ferox
Exploitation / Adventure / Horror

When students from New York leave for the Amazon to investigate the cannibal myth, they meet two American drug smugglers who have been playing havoc with the natives. The natives are not happy with the treatment and intend to torture, kill and eat their American guests.

Uploaded: 7 November 2015    


Mondo Cannibal
Adventure / Horror

Famous reporter Grace Forsyte has to raise the viewer numbers at the network or it will shut down. She convinces her team that they should go to the Amazon and make a report on the native cannibals that live there.

Uploaded: 5 November 2015    


Bloody Knuckles
Comedy / Horror

Travis, an underground comic book artist, is known throughout his city for creating comics in the name of bad taste but ones that also challenge the status quo. Unfortunately the target in his latest issue, Leonard Fong, happens to be head of the Chinese gang that’s destroying the city and takes great offense to the comic. As a warning, Travis has his right hand cutoff by Fong and gives up on his art as a result. That is until Travis’s hand comes back wanting to pick up where they left off and also wanting revenge.

Uploaded: 5 November 2015    


Drama / Thriller / Horror

There is an unknown disease spreading in a small town in Europe and Ayia and Mirra's mother falls victim to it. When Mirra also falls ill, Ayia seeks help from a local priest and friend. She finds books of his that could be of use to help Mirra, even if it means stepping into her diseased subconscious.

Uploaded: 5 November 2015    


The Girl in the Woods
Short / Drama / Thriller

A friend receives a text from a friend telling him to go find him. The friend and the fiancée of the disappeared man are concerned and only know that he was near a forest around the point of disappearing.

Uploaded: 4 November 2015    


Massacre County
Horror / Comedy

Four friends rent an isolated cabin in order to have a weekend of debauchery and partying. Other than picking up a hitchhiking clown on the side of the road, everything seems to be fine even though there were no images and information about the cabin when they found it online. Of course nothing is actually fine as a family of cannibals resides in the woods nearby who plan on butchering the kids.

Uploaded: 3 November 2015    


Sci-fi / Thriller / Romance

People live underground to survive a post-apocalyptic world. Sexual acts are frowned upon due to being unsanitary. When a technician and dealer of machines gets a request from a woman who allows him to use her body for experiments in exchange for pleasure, they soon find that they can't stay away from each other.

Uploaded: 3 November 2015    


Makeup Room
Independent / Drama / Comedy

In the makeup room of a porn shoot, a lot of things are going on. Everything seems to be working against the production, with crew not showing up and actresses being late - or showing up hungover. Sometimes even showing up as virgins! The makeup woman tries to keep the entire cast and the film's director calm while she gets her work done, but it's easier said than done when everything goes wrong.

Uploaded: 1 November 2015    


German Angst
Anthology / Horror / Mystery

Three infamous German directors have put together a story each of love, sex and death. This trio of shock cinema gives you all you need, from a violent revenge, to a mysterious meeting at a bar.

Uploaded: 30 October 2015    



Let’s face it, if there’s one word movie fans love to use it’s underrated. Even though it’s impossible to define a movie being underrated, or even overrated, simply because subjectivity cannot be measured. However, if you go to any genre-based website it is almost a guarantee that they’ll have a “most underrated horror movies” list on their site somewhere.

This obnoxious trend forced us at Film Bizarro asked ourselves, “If the same titles are mentioned on everyone’s underrated horror movies list, can they still be considered underrated?” Of course the obvious answer is no, they cannot. And in true grumpy Film Bizarro fashion, we put together a list of nine movies that we saw mentioned the most often as being underrated to give our opinion them and why they are anything but underrated.



Uploaded: 27 October 2015    



The original "The Howling" came out in the early '80s when the werewolf genre was finally beginning to grow into its final form. "The Howling" and "An American Werewolf in London" lead the way to the modern werewolves, where the designs were large, scary wolves and not wolf men. The first movie was strange enough in its execution that it allowed for sequels to change it up quite a bit, but I don't think anyone could have anticipated what the series would become with movies like "Howling III" and "Howling VI: The Freaks".

After pushing ourselves through a horrible series of movies with "The Amityville Horror" franchise, we decided that we had to cover yet another bad series. So we bring to you The Howling Halloween 2015, where we yet again list the movies from best to worst!



Uploaded: 16 October 2015    



Film Bizarro seems to have a bit of a reputation for being…shall we say, grumpy. Sure, maybe we are. Maybe we are a bit more cynical and find more things to hate than the average person does. That doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have fun. Especially during the Halloween season. To help celebrate this treasured holiday we figured we’d put together a definitive ranking of the films in a beloved horror franchise.

But which franchise? We could do “Halloween” — the perfect films for the month of October. Or maybe “Friday the 13th” — the slasher classic that helped to define the genre. Possibly “A Nightmare on Elm Street” because who doesn’t love Robert Englund? “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “Hellraiser”, “Phantasm”, “Child’s Play”, “Ghoulies”, “Critters”. There seems to be an endless amount of franchises to choose from. Sadly, we could only pick one so we went with the absolute best series we could think of, which was…



Uploaded: 9 October 2015    


When Your Flesh Screams

Martina, a biology student, lives on the outskirts of town so she can study the local plant life. A neighbor of hers is aware that she has no friends or family near, so when he and a buddy of his see Martina sitting on the side of the road, they decide to abduct her. When they get her back to the home of one of their deranged friends, the three men plan to commit unspeakable acts against Martina.

Uploaded: 7 October 2015    



We're uneducated, lazy bastards here at Film Bizarro. Every moment that we are alive, the world's population remains a little bit stupider. I (Ronny) grew up as a huge Stephen King fan, but truth be told I have not read a whole lot of his work (or books in general). My horror movie fascination started with a Stephen King adaption ("Silver Bullet"), and that was just the beginning of my appreciation for movie adaptions of his work. Though there aren't that many genre-defining classics compared to the amount of bad or decent movies, I still enjoy the majority of the adaptions. So here we are, closing in on Halloween 2015, with a list that covers some of mine and Preston's favorite Stephen King adaptions.

We wanted to make the list interesting, but at the same time there were some titles that had to be included, so we hope that you will enjoy the mix of choices. You have most likely seen them all, but Halloween night is a perfect time to revisit good movies!



Uploaded: 6 October 2015    


Blood Moon
Horror / Thriller / Western

Travelers of the wild west make a stop at a small bar, but they're attacked by two bank robbers and get held up in the bar. But when night comes and the moon is blood red, there are worse things around than robbers.

Uploaded: 4 October 2015    


The Devil of Kreuzberg
Independent / Thriller / Horror

Jakob is in a happy relationship, but one night he starts having nightmares about his girlfriend Linda. These seductive but very dark become more frequent and it's haunting him. Jakob can't live with it any longer, and orders a friend to take her life so that he can get some peace. But it turns out that the nightmare version of Linda is not only part of the dream world.

Uploaded: 4 October 2015    


Christina Lindberg

Model and actress Christina Lindberg takes us through er life, from the struggling childhood, all the way until today when she is finally getting recognized for what she made 40 years ago when the Swedish Sin was one of the most popular exports.

Uploaded: 3 October 2015    


Queen Crab
Horror / Sci-Fi

As a young girl, Melissa befriends a crab that she finds in the lake near her family’s home. She decides to feed her new pet some grapes from her father’s lab, unbeknownst to her, that the fruit causes things to grow to monstrous size. As an adult, Melissa still watches over the giant crustacean but it proves to be too much once the crab goes on a rampage and destroys a town after its babies are killed.

Uploaded: 30 September 2015    


Damned on Earth
Independent / Comedy / Horror / Fantasy

Down in Hell, Amon and Samsaveel are assigned to stop Belial who is trying to gain the control over Hell from Luzifer. Things don't go as planned, and the death of an angel causes a war to erupt on Earth.

Uploaded: 28 September 2015    


Comedy / Horror

Two teenage metalheads get together and form a band. When they play the notes written on ancient notes that they acquired, they accidentally unleash an evil over their town. It's now their job to fight the evil demons before they become one of them.

Uploaded: 27 September 2015    


A Plague So Pleasant
Horror / Drama

In a post-zombie apocalypse world, people have learned to live in harmony with zombies — understanding they have no interest in humans except when provoked. This harmonious existence leads to problems as people realize that death is not the end, and continue to cling on to those they have lost instead of moving on. Clay Marshall is frustrated with his sister who is having this exact problem, but the decision he makes in order to rectify the situation may bring about the end of humanity.

Uploaded: 27 September 2015    


Death-Scort Service
Horror / Exploitation

There’s a maniac on the loose in Las Vegas who’s targeting prostitutes but there’s a particular group of young up-and-coming escorts that are his main target. If the girls wish to survive and stop the madman before they become the next “piece” in his collection, they’ll have to uncover the mystery that links them to the killer.

Uploaded: 23 September 2015    


Baghdad, Iowa
Short / Experimental / Drama / Documentary

Usama goes on a journey, real and internal, and ends up in a fantasy town called Baghdad in Iowa.

Uploaded: 23 September 2015    


Short / Horror

Gordon sets up a meeting with his son and a stranger he connected with online. Despite some weird intentions, Gordon ends up facing something far worse than he had ever expected.

Uploaded: 1 September 2015    


Para Elisa
Horror / Thriller

In need of some quick cash in order to participate in a graduation trip, Ana responds to a babysitting ad. Ana eventually arrives at the home of Diamantina — a former pianist prodigy and avid collector of dolls. Even though Diamantina seems a little strange, the job appears to be pretty straight forward and Ana agrees. That is until she meets Diamantina’s daughter Elisa. Now Ana just wants to leave but that’s easier said than done.

Uploaded: 31 August 2015    


Target Fascination
Independent / Drama

20 years has passed since Joe raped and murdered a girl. He has done his time in prison, and is now set free. He agrees to go into a program where he meets the relatives of the victim, in hopes that both parties can move on.

Uploaded: 28 August 2015    


The Visit (Fantasia 2015 review)

A documentary where government agencies are interviewed about alien contacts as if they have already happened.

Uploaded: 22 August 2015    


The Interior (Fantasia 2015 review)
Horror / Thriller / Drama / Comedy

After receiving some devastating news, James decides to leave his city life and head out into the woods in order to rediscover himself and come to terms with what’s occurring. At first, James is able to find peace and tranquility living out in the wilderness. However, there seems to be someone following him. Someone terrorizing him whenever night falls.

Uploaded: 16 August 2015    


Meathead Goes Hog Wild (Fantasia 2015 review)
Independent / Comedy / Drama / Thriller

A young man is fired from his job at a meat shop. Out of anger he robs the shop of all their meat at night. To prove to himself that he is a good person, he decides to spread the meat around to people on the street. This sets off an adventure that will show many sides of him...

Uploaded: 12 August 2015    


Bridgend (Fantasia 2015 review)

Sara and her father moves to a small village in Bridgend, Wales. They quickly hear about how several teenagers have committed suicide in a short period of time. Sara finds herself becoming part of the gang of friends that have lost their friends - and are expected to lose even more.

Uploaded: 10 August 2015    


Sunrise (Fantasia 2015 review)
Thriller / Crime / Drama

A police inspector's daughter was kidnapped many years ago at the age of 6. Now he hopes to have found someone who can bring him to the location of the many missing children in town - but who is this person?

Uploaded: 9 August 2015    


Lady Psycho Killer (Fantasia 2015 review)
Horror / Comedy / Drama

Ella has always lived a rather sheltered life but when she begins her first year of college she finds herself constantly overcome with the desire — to kill. Confused, she finds herself at odds with her peers since she knows she should be interested in having sex but what she rather do with men is disembowel them. When she finally succumbs to her urges, Ella goes on a killing spree where no man is safe.

Uploaded: 9 August 2015    


A Hard Day (Fantasia 2015 review)
Crime / Thriller / Action

Homicide detective Go Geon-soo thought he was having a bad day when he was having to attend the funeral of his mother while simultaneously being investigated by internal affairs. On his way to the funeral, Go Geon-soo accidentally runs over and kills a man. Afraid of going to jail, he quickly hides the body in the trunk of his car and attempts to dispose of the body. A decision that will make his day much, much worse.

Uploaded: 9 August 2015    


Observance (Fantasia 2015 review)
Horror / Mystery / Thriller

During a tough period in his life, after the death of his son and when his marriage is in a crisis, Parker returns to work. He works as a private investigator, and gets a job to observe a woman through an apartment from across the street. Weird things happen around her, but somehow it seems like something has also reached Parker in the apartment - and he starts to feel ill...

Uploaded: 9 August 2015    


H. (Fantasia 2015 review)
Drama / Sci-fi / Thriller

A meteor strike hits the small town of Troy in the state of New York. People are reported missing. Two women, both named Helen, are affected in strange ways by this incident.

Uploaded: 9 August 2015    


They Look Like People (Fantasia 2015 review)
Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Wyatt has been seeing and hearing things. He thinks that certain people around him are not quite what they seem, and that they have to be taken care of somehow before it ends with a war. While he questions his own sanity, how could he be sure?

Uploaded: 8 August 2015    


Cruel (Fantasia 2015 review)
Drama / Crime

Pierre seems like any other person; he is a middle-aged man who works various jobs that he gets through a temp agency while he takes care of his catatonic father at his family’s home. What separates Pierre from everyone else is that at night, he stalks and abducts people at random to take them back to his home.

Uploaded: 7 August 2015    


Possessed (Fantasia 2015 review)
Animation / Horror / Comedy

After the death of Spain’s most famous bullfighter, Gregorio, his wife Trini — a famous flamenco dancer — falls into an inescapable pit of depression but their son, Damien, seems to be the most affected by it. With violent fits and blacking out, everyone suspects he is simply lashing out from losing his father. That is until Damien starts making objects levitate and summoning demons. Now only an excommunicated priest named Lenin can save the boy.

Uploaded: 6 August 2015    


Bite (Fantasia 2015 review)

Before her wedding, Casey and her friends leave for a bachelorette party. On the trip, Casey is bitten by something in the water. When she comes back home, what she expected to just a bug bite is starting to grow and she seems to lose more of her past self by the day. Before too long her apartment has turned into a hive...

Uploaded: 5 August 2015    


She Who Must Burn (Fantasia 2015 review)
Drama / Horror / Thriller

Angela, a counselor at a planned parenthood clinic, continues to help some local patients after the clinic is shut down. She gets a group of religious extremists after her and the people she helps. They want to see her burn in the fires of hell.

Uploaded: 5 August 2015    


Bunny the Killer Thing (Fantasia 2015 review)
Horror / Comedy

A group of young adults in Finland have a weekend getaway planned where they’ll drink and party the night away at a remote cabin in the woods. Everything goes as planned but there’s evil lurking in the woods. A terrifying humanoid rabbit with a raging hard-on that’s on the hunt for pussy and will kill any man who gets in its way.

Uploaded: 5 August 2015    


Remake, Remix, Rip-Off (Fantasia 2015 review)

In the '60s and '70s Turkey, films that copied and took inspiration from Hollywood were being mass produced at an extreme speed for the quick buck. Huge American hits were remade in their own versions by the thousands as there were no copyright laws. This is the story of how it all went down and what kept the business going.

Uploaded: 5 August 2015    


Hostile (Fantasia 2015 review)

Local television show, SOS Adoption, comes to the home of Meredith Langston to document sisters Anna and Emilie as they make the transition of living in their new home with their foster mother. Everything seems wonderful at first but then the girls begin acting strangely. Playing frightening games and speaking to people who aren’t actually there. It seemed like a typical story at first but the television crew soon uncovers the terrifying truth about the sisters.

Uploaded: 4 August 2015    


Slumlord (Fantasia 2015 review)
Thriller / Drama / Horror

A creepy landlord puts up several surveillance cameras in a house before renting it to a married couple who are expecting a baby. The newlyweds have some issues to deal with when the husband start cheating on her, but the real problems arise when the landlord comes into their house when they're away - and has plans for something evil.

Uploaded: 4 August 2015    


Ava's Possessions (Fantasia 2015 review)
Thriller / Comedy / Mystery

Upon her recovery from having been possessed by a demon, Ava's left trying to put the pieces together of what happened in her time possessed. With the help from Spirit Possession Anonymous her recovery seems to be going well. It's when seeks out the people she affected that she soon finds herself in a different kind of trouble.

Uploaded: 3 August 2015    


Catch Me Daddy
Thriller / Drama

Laila comes from a criminal Pakistani family, and she trying to get away from her family. Her father has sent two different gangs after her. Her brother is part of one of the gangs. Laila flees together with her British boyfriend Aaron. The couple knows that there is no limits to what might happen if they are caught.

Uploaded: 3 August 2015    


Nina Forever (Fantasia 2015 review)
Romance / Comedy / Horror

Holly falls in love with a guy at work, Rob, who recently attempted suicide. Little does she know that it was because his girlfriend died in a car crash. When Holly and Rob are ready to take their relationship to the next level things get problematic as the dead girlfriend comes back to put the couple through hell.

Uploaded: 3 August 2015    


Crumbs (Fantasia 2015 review)
Sci-fi / Adventure / Mystery

In a post-apocalyptic Ethiopia, people loot for old toys and artifacts in hopes to sell them - or trade them for an open spot on a spacecraft that has been hovering above Earth. Candy is a small man who takes on the adventure of crossing the wasteland in hopes to get on that spaceship, and leave for a place where he belongs.

Uploaded: 3 August 2015    


The Forgotten
Drama / Horror

Tommy is dropped off to stay with his father. His father is squatting in an old abandoned apartment building and late at night Tommy starts hearing strange noises from the next door apartment - an apartment that is completely boarded shut. Tommy befriends a girl and she is the only one who believes him.

Uploaded: 3 August 2015    


Short / Independent / Comedy / Thriller

A young man with a strange fascination for trains is being mocked by everyone around him. When he sits by his computer at night he stalks one of the local girls on Facebook. When he finally stumbles upon her one day and she is acting nice towards him, he is unable to take the situation for what it is, and it all ends on a bad note.

Uploaded: 26 July 2015    


Board to Death
Short / Independent / Noir / Thriller

A wife plays a board game with her husband in which she spells out the names of men. The man, raging with jealousy, sees these names as the men with whom she’s had an affair with. With each name, the husband hunts them down for destroying the sanctity of his marriage. However, the man knows his wife all too well and understands that there’s a more sinister game afoot.

Uploaded: 15 July 2015    


The Toxic Avenger
Independent / Comedy / Horror

Melvin the mop boy is mocked by everyone where he works - the Tromaville gym - but it is all about to change. After being set up to be ridiculed, Melvin ends up in a barrel of nuclear waste and he turns into the horrific, but kind, monster hero "The Toxic Avenger". He's ready to clean up the streets from scum.

Uploaded: 15 July 2015    


Dracula 3D

In the mountains of Transylvania, Count Dracula's castle is situated. Jonathan Harker is on his way from England to catalogue Dracula's library. It is obvious to Jonathan that Dracula is a peculiar man, but before he knows it he is a prisoner in Dracula's castle. When Jonathan manages to escape from the castle, Dracula is going after Jonathan's fiancÈe Mina and her friend.

Uploaded: 14 July 2015    


Hallelujah! Gorilla Revival
Short / Experimental

A nightmarish journey through a recollection of disjointed imagery.

Uploaded: 13 July 2015    


Horror / Comedy

A group of college students decide to do a research paper on local legend Crinoline Head — a psychotic killer with mommy issues who butchered a cabin full of kids in 1996. When the kids reach the infamous spot in the woods where the massacre occurred, they discover that Crinoline Head is more than just legend.

Uploaded: 12 July 2015    


The Bite
Independent / Action / Horror

The world has been ravaged by a disease called The Bite — a virus that turns people into blood thirsty vampire. Nick Hazzard is a man who lost his wife to the disease and vows to destroy every bloodsucker he comes across.

Uploaded: 12 July 2015    


Madness of Many
Horror / Gore

Victoria is a woman who has suffered throughout her entire life. She was tortured as child by her parents, and then as an adult, she is abducted and tortured. This new horror that has befallen on Victoria will change her in ways she couldn’t imagine.

Uploaded: 11 July 2015    


Within Madness
Independent / Horror / Drama

Donovan Summers, a seemingly normal man, begins creating a series of video diaries where he talks about his life, his past, and the darkness within his mind that he tries to keep hidden. Slowly, the walls of Donovan’s psyche begin to crumble and he is consumed by his madness.

Uploaded: 8 July 2015    

Shadow Zombie
Independent / Drama / Horror

In the slums of Lafayette is Kim; a pot-dealer who likes to write poetry and snort painkillers even though he still lives with his father. Kim also enjoys wandering the town as his alternate persona — Shadow Zombie. While walking through the suburbs one night, Kim meets Brandi; a student nurse and part-time clown. These two characters form an unlikely bond but their dark pasts may drive them apart.

Uploaded: 2 July 2015    

James of the Tree
Short / Experimental / Comedy / Drama

During a period of mourning, James is pursued up a tree by angry man armed with a sword. Time loses all meaning as the two men stand-off.

Uploaded: 2 July 2015    


Set Fire to the Stars
Drama / Comedy

Academic instructor, John Malcolm Brinnin, appeals to a committee to bring famous Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas, to America and put him on a literary tour. Dylan’s volatile nature proves to be more than what Brinnin can bare, so he takes Dylan to a remote cabin in an attempt to get him ready for his tour. The next few days together prove to be challenging and life affirming for both men.

Uploaded: 1 July 2015    


The Antwerp Dolls
Independent / Crime / Thriller / Drama

Tommy Callaghan, a ruthless businessman, sends out two of his most loyal couriers to retrieve a special package. However, Callaghan’s tactics have earned him a considerable number of enemies who all have devised their own plans to intercept this mysterious package. It isn’t before long an all out war is waged on streets.

Uploaded: 28 June 2015    


The Republic of Rick
Comedy / Mockumentary

Rick Launer, the self-proclaimed President of The Republic of Texas, is a man who dreams about the independence of Texas and its separation from the United States. When he’s not busy ruining Alamo reenactments, or attending rallies that support his beliefs, Rick picks fights with his mailman — who Rick believes is invading his land. However, the latest fight gets out of hand, quickly, and Rick soon finds himself standing off against the US government.

Uploaded: 26 June 2015    


The Midnight Swim
Drama / Mystery / Horror

After their mother’s death from drowning in the lake near her home, sisters Annie, Isa, and June, who comes with camera in hand, reunite to mourn their lost. During their stay, bizarre things begin to happen — birds around the property are dying and June’s camera frequently captures images of the lake when no one is operating it. They begin to speculate whether or not the occurrences come from the legends surrounding the mysterious lake, or if it’s something from their past that’s come creeping back into their lives.

Uploaded: 23 June 2015    


Meet Me There
Independent / Drama / Horror

While in couple’s counseling, Ada and her boyfriend, Calvin, realize that she has no memory of her childhood and seems to have blocked it entirely. Believing this might be the reason for the lack of intimacy in their relationship, they set out to visit Ada’s hometown in hopes of finding some answers. What they actually discover is terrifying and may prevent them from leaving the town alive.

Uploaded: 23 June 2015    


Satan's Coming For You
Short / Crime / Horror

After digging up a body from a graveyard, two satanic serial killers trip out on acid and meet the Devil himself.

Uploaded: 22 June 2015    


The Attic Expeditions

After waking up from a coma, Trevor finds himself in the care of Dr. Ek — a psychiatrist who plans to conduct an unorthodox form of treatment for his new patient. Trevor is eventually placed in a halfway house with strange psychos, and once there, he begins to have nightmarish hallucinations and loses all grip on reality. His salvation and the answers he seeks seems to be hidden away inside a trunk in the secret attic of the halfway house.

Uploaded: 21 June 2015    



Stephanie wanders the streets after losing another job and doesn’t have enough money to call home. Naively she decides to accept a ride from a middle-aged man who takes her back to his place where she's drugged, kept prisoner, and forced into prostitution.

Uploaded: 21 June 2015    



Detective Jack Fox’s early retirement is put on hold when a lunatic in a pumpkin mask starts hacking up the young people of Salem. Against his wishes, he’s forced to team up with Steve Ryan — Fox’s replacement. The brutality of the killings soon prove to be too much for not only Fox, but Ryan as well.

Uploaded: 11 June 2015    


Action / Crime

The Redeemer listens to the prayers of people who have been harmed, and he seeks out the people responsible and makes sure to give them an even worse fate. Why this mysterious man does this, only he knows.

Uploaded: 9 June 2015    


American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore
Horror / Gore / Mockumentary

Two young women are abducted off the streets and taken to unknown location. There, they are given a drug that renders them unable to move yet remain full conscious as they are systematically tortured to death.

Uploaded: 7 June 2015    


Documentary / Music

In 2006 a metal band from Finland that dressed in monster costumes, known as "Lordi", won the finale of Eurovision Song Contest. The band grew large in Europe over a short period of time and they took their success for granted. Soon, people were over them and their records were largely ignored. This is a documentary that looks into that period of the band Lordi and the lead man.

Uploaded: 3 June 2015    


We Are Still Here
Horror / Supernatural

A woman and her husband move to a large, old house in New England soon after the death of their son. Everyone in town seems to take note that someone is moving into that particular house, and the family will soon learn why. It has been 30 years since a horrible event occured, and it is time for whatever is sleeping to wake up again.

Uploaded: 2 June 2015    


Independent / Drama / Comedy

Dirty Fred and Bruho have decided to live their lives as squatters as they know that the world will eventually go to hell anyway. They go from vacation home to vacation home and break into them to find everything they need: food, supplies, bathroom, alcohol and random cool stuff. If they can find a place to stay at - great! If not, then they are soon on foot onto the next place.

Uploaded: 24 May 2015    


Independent / Comedy / Horror

A young couple, grieving the loss of their son, end up ordering a cabinet from a strange pop-up ad while browsing the internet. After assembling the cabinet, they awake to find a mysterious creature inside and decide to raise it as their own.



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