Uploaded: 26 July 2015    


Board to Death
Short / Independent / Noir / Thriller

A wife plays a board game with her husband in which she spells out the names of men. The man, raging with jealousy, sees these names as the men with whom she’s had an affair with. With each name, the husband hunts them down for destroying the sanctity of his marriage. However, the man knows his wife all too well and understands that there’s a more sinister game afoot.

Uploaded: 15 July 2015    


The Toxic Avenger
Independent / Comedy / Horror

Melvin the mop boy is mocked by everyone where he works - the Tromaville gym - but it is all about to change. After being set up to be ridiculed, Melvin ends up in a barrel of nuclear waste and he turns into the horrific, but kind, monster hero "The Toxic Avenger". He's ready to clean up the streets from scum.

Uploaded: 15 July 2015    


Dracula 3D

In the mountains of Transylvania, Count Dracula's castle is situated. Jonathan Harker is on his way from England to catalogue Dracula's library. It is obvious to Jonathan that Dracula is a peculiar man, but before he knows it he is a prisoner in Dracula's castle. When Jonathan manages to escape from the castle, Dracula is going after Jonathan's fiancÈe Mina and her friend.

Uploaded: 14 July 2015    


Hallelujah! Gorilla Revival
Short / Experimental

A nightmarish journey through a recollection of disjointed imagery.

Uploaded: 13 July 2015    


Horror / Comedy

A group of college students decide to do a research paper on local legend Crinoline Head — a psychotic killer with mommy issues who butchered a cabin full of kids in 1996. When the kids reach the infamous spot in the woods where the massacre occurred, they discover that Crinoline Head is more than just legend.

Uploaded: 12 July 2015    


The Bite
Independent / Action / Horror

The world has been ravaged by a disease called The Bite — a virus that turns people into blood thirsty vampire. Nick Hazzard is a man who lost his wife to the disease and vows to destroy every bloodsucker he comes across.

Uploaded: 12 July 2015    


Madness of Many
Horror / Gore

Victoria is a woman who has suffered throughout her entire life. She was tortured as child by her parents, and then as an adult, she is abducted and tortured. This new horror that has befallen on Victoria will change her in ways she couldn’t imagine.

Uploaded: 11 July 2015    


Within Madness
Independent / Horror / Drama

Donovan Summers, a seemingly normal man, begins creating a series of video diaries where he talks about his life, his past, and the darkness within his mind that he tries to keep hidden. Slowly, the walls of Donovan’s psyche begin to crumble and he is consumed by his madness.

Uploaded: 8 July 2015    

Shadow Zombie
Independent / Drama / Horror

In the slums of Lafayette is Kim; a pot-dealer who likes to write poetry and snort painkillers even though he still lives with his father. Kim also enjoys wandering the town as his alternate persona — Shadow Zombie. While walking through the suburbs one night, Kim meets Brandi; a student nurse and part-time clown. These two characters form an unlikely bond but their dark pasts may drive them apart.

Uploaded: 2 July 2015    

James of the Tree
Short / Experimental / Comedy / Drama

During a period of mourning, James is pursued up a tree by angry man armed with a sword. Time loses all meaning as the two men stand-off.

Uploaded: 2 July 2015    


Set Fire to the Stars
Drama / Comedy

Academic instructor, John Malcolm Brinnin, appeals to a committee to bring famous Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas, to America and put him on a literary tour. Dylan’s volatile nature proves to be more than what Brinnin can bare, so he takes Dylan to a remote cabin in an attempt to get him ready for his tour. The next few days together prove to be challenging and life affirming for both men.

Uploaded: 1 July 2015    


The Antwerp Dolls
Independent / Crime / Thriller / Drama

Tommy Callaghan, a ruthless businessman, sends out two of his most loyal couriers to retrieve a special package. However, Callaghan’s tactics have earned him a considerable number of enemies who all have devised their own plans to intercept this mysterious package. It isn’t before long an all out war is waged on streets.

Uploaded: 28 June 2015    


The Republic of Rick
Comedy / Mockumentary

Rick Launer, the self-proclaimed President of The Republic of Texas, is a man who dreams about the independence of Texas and its separation from the United States. When he’s not busy ruining Alamo reenactments, or attending rallies that support his beliefs, Rick picks fights with his mailman — who Rick believes is invading his land. However, the latest fight gets out of hand, quickly, and Rick soon finds himself standing off against the US government.

Uploaded: 26 June 2015    


The Midnight Swim
Drama / Mystery / Horror

After their mother’s death from drowning in the lake near her home, sisters Annie, Isa, and June, who comes with camera in hand, reunite to mourn their lost. During their stay, bizarre things begin to happen — birds around the property are dying and June’s camera frequently captures images of the lake when no one is operating it. They begin to speculate whether or not the occurrences come from the legends surrounding the mysterious lake, or if it’s something from their past that’s come creeping back into their lives.

Uploaded: 23 June 2015    


Meet Me There
Independent / Drama / Horror

While in couple’s counseling, Ada and her boyfriend, Calvin, realize that she has no memory of her childhood and seems to have blocked it entirely. Believing this might be the reason for the lack of intimacy in their relationship, they set out to visit Ada’s hometown in hopes of finding some answers. What they actually discover is terrifying and may prevent them from leaving the town alive.

Uploaded: 23 June 2015    


Satan's Coming For You
Short / Crime / Horror

After digging up a body from a graveyard, two satanic serial killers trip out on acid and meet the Devil himself.

Uploaded: 22 June 2015    


The Attic Expeditions

After waking up from a coma, Trevor finds himself in the care of Dr. Ek — a psychiatrist who plans to conduct an unorthodox form of treatment for his new patient. Trevor is eventually placed in a halfway house with strange psychos, and once there, he begins to have nightmarish hallucinations and loses all grip on reality. His salvation and the answers he seeks seems to be hidden away inside a trunk in the secret attic of the halfway house.

Uploaded: 21 June 2015    



Stephanie wanders the streets after losing another job and doesn’t have enough money to call home. Naively she decides to accept a ride from a middle-aged man who takes her back to his place where she's drugged, kept prisoner, and forced into prostitution.

Uploaded: 21 June 2015    



Detective Jack Fox’s early retirement is put on hold when a lunatic in a pumpkin mask starts hacking up the young people of Salem. Against his wishes, he’s forced to team up with Steve Ryan — Fox’s replacement. The brutality of the killings soon prove to be too much for not only Fox, but Ryan as well.

Uploaded: 11 June 2015    


Action / Crime

The Redeemer listens to the prayers of people who have been harmed, and he seeks out the people responsible and makes sure to give them an even worse fate. Why this mysterious man does this, only he knows.

Uploaded: 9 June 2015    


American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore
Horror / Gore / Mockumentary

Two young women are abducted off the streets and taken to unknown location. There, they are given a drug that renders them unable to move yet remain full conscious as they are systematically tortured to death.

Uploaded: 7 June 2015    


Documentary / Music

In 2006 a metal band from Finland that dressed in monster costumes, known as "Lordi", won the finale of Eurovision Song Contest. The band grew large in Europe over a short period of time and they took their success for granted. Soon, people were over them and their records were largely ignored. This is a documentary that looks into that period of the band Lordi and the lead man.

Uploaded: 3 June 2015    


We Are Still Here
Horror / Supernatural

A woman and her husband move to a large, old house in New England soon after the death of their son. Everyone in town seems to take note that someone is moving into that particular house, and the family will soon learn why. It has been 30 years since a horrible event occured, and it is time for whatever is sleeping to wake up again.

Uploaded: 2 June 2015    


Independent / Drama / Comedy

Dirty Fred and Bruho have decided to live their lives as squatters as they know that the world will eventually go to hell anyway. They go from vacation home to vacation home and break into them to find everything they need: food, supplies, bathroom, alcohol and random cool stuff. If they can find a place to stay at - great! If not, then they are soon on foot onto the next place.

Uploaded: 24 May 2015    


Independent / Comedy / Horror

A young couple, grieving the loss of their son, end up ordering a cabinet from a strange pop-up ad while browsing the internet. After assembling the cabinet, they awake to find a mysterious creature inside and decide to raise it as their own.

Uploaded: 22 May 2015    


Blood Cousins
Independent / Comedy / Horror

On the anniversary of their grandmother’s death, four cousins decide to get together in order to pay respects at her grave. The road trip is plagued by a dark cloud that hangs over the head of the cousins that’s brought on by the family dark past. A past that’s been hidden from the cousins until now.

Uploaded: 21 May 2015    


Forbidden Empire
Fantasy / Adventure / Horror / Drama

Jonathan Green, a cartographer, sets out across Eastern Europe in the name of science. However, he eventually finds himself trapped in a small isolated village in the Ukraine where the people are crippled by superstitious fear. Even though Jonathan chooses to believe in science, he will begin to question his faith as he discovers that hidden within this village is the embodiment of pure evil.

Uploaded: 17 May 2015    


Pain Shack
Independent / Comedy / Horror

When Alex attempts to become an internet celebrity on Youtube through music reviews, he ends up becoming obsessed with a fellow Youtuber and begins to transform into a twisted persona. Will Alex ever become an internet star, or will his mind snap before he gets to?

Uploaded: 30 April 2015    


Fantasy / Horror

Jessica has been haunted by vivid nightmares ever since she was a kid. She has now found an interest in trying to interpret the dreams to see what causes them. After the death of her grandmother, she returns to her childhood home where her mother and stepfather lives, and the nightmares are amping up worse than ever before. She's suspects it might be something in her family.

Uploaded: 27 April 2015    


Horror / Thriller

There are rumors of a panther roaming the moors in a small place in north Devon. Georgia and Matt travel there from US to photograph the animal with help from a tracking expert. When they reach the right location, they find dead bodies that seem to have been killed by something else.

Uploaded: 26 April 2015    


Anthology / Horror / Comedy

Eight filmmakers known for shooting movies on a video formate have created eight short films for a new anthology that celebrates shot-on-video movies.

Uploaded: 24 April 2015    


Liars, Fires and Bears
Independent / Drama / Comedy

9-year-old Eve is unhappy with the life she has with her foster parents, and after a chance encounter with Dave, a thirty-something man-child who’s refused to grow up, Eve sees an opportunity to be reunited with her absent brother. When an incident causes Dave to go on the run from the law, Eve uses Dave’s misfortune as an excuse to be taken on a cross-country road-trip.

Uploaded: 15 April 2015    


Out of One's Misery
Short / Thriller / Psychological

Late one night, David is mourning the death of his wife and daughter when a stranger knocks on the door. The stranger is looking for his own wife and daughter, both which have been gone for three days.

Uploaded: 15 April 2015    


Short / Thriller / Psychological

A serial killer is being harassed by his own phobia of blood after the death of his latest victim. He finds himself trapped with his own weakness, as blood will soon have him surrounded.

Uploaded: 15 April 2015    


Short / Drama

Damla wants to go through the belongings of her dead parents and move on, but her brother seems to not want to face what has happened. When he tells Damla to stop bugging him, he'll soon realize how important it is to stay together.

Uploaded: 15 April 2015    


A Pregnancy (A Very Serious Movie)
Independent / Short / Comedy

Janyce is pregnant with Leonard's baby, but all he wants to do is spend time with his band. This throws the family into a spiral of drama.

Uploaded: 13 April 2015    


Miss Zombie
Drama / Thriller / Horror

Zombies are used as helpers around the homes. As long as they eat vegetables and fruit, not meat, they stay calm and helpful. A family in Japan receives their zombie servant, a young woman, and slowly but surely her relationship with the family is starting to change their lives.

Uploaded: 13 April 2015    


The Slashening
Independent / Comedy / Horror

On the night of 5 girls' sleepover, a psychotic murderer is on the loose, killing their pizza delivery men and eventually the friends find themselves hunted as well.

Uploaded: 13 April 2015    


The Devil's Hand
Thriller / Horror / Supernatural

Inside an Amish community, a prophecy states that one out of six girls born on the 6th day in the 6th month will become the devil's hand. The six girls are born as had been foretold, and when they're coming into adulthood the evil is starting to reveal itself.

Uploaded: 9 April 2015    


Comforting Skin
Independent / Drama / Horror

Lonely and depressed, Koffie searches for a connection and finds one when the tattoo on her shoulder comes to life. As unrealistic as it seems, the once terrified Koffie begins to form a bond with the tattoo and finds the happiness that she’s yearned for. Soon her newfound relationship turns deadly as that tattoo slowly takes control of Koffie.

Uploaded: 29 March 2015    


Valley of the Sasquatch
Horror / Thriller

A son and his father move out to a cabin in the woods a few weeks after the death of his mother. The two are struggling to keep their relationship, and theirselves, strong but are hoping to cope better when they get away from everything. The mother's brother, and a friend of the father, come to visit too - which only leads to more disturbance among the relationships. But worse than all, there is a tribe consisting of something big, hairy and angry out in the woods.

Uploaded: 23 March 2015    


"Tales of the Dim" Press Release

Animator F. Sudol ("City of Rott") has a new web series called: "Tales of the Dim". Inspired by such series as "The Outer Limits" and "Tales from the Darkside"; F. Sudol offers a new tale of macabre with each episode with his new show.

To watch the first two episodes of "Tales from the Dim" CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE PRESS RELEASE and to also find out more about the series, and other projects in the works from F. Sudol.

Uploaded: 21 March 2015    


Late Phases

A blind war vet moves to a quiet little place where he hopes to be able to get some peace. It doesn't stay peaceful for long, as the population is brutally murdered one after one. The veteran takes it upon himself to put an end to it, but there is something hungry behind the murders.

Uploaded: 21 March 2015    


These Final Hours
Drama / Thriller / Sci-fi

The end of the world is near and James is set on going to the ultimate party where everyone he knows is waiting - except for his girlfriend. On his way he meets a young girl in need of rescue. He brings her with him in attempt to find her father, and the relationship will soon make him regret his decisions.

Uploaded: 21 March 2015    

The ABCs of Death 2
Anthology / Horror

Another 26 filmmakers come together to create 26 films about death that relates to the letters of the alphabet.

Uploaded: 15 March 2015    


Horror / Romance / Sci-fi

Life is not going as planned for Evan, so he decides to leave America and move to Italy. In Italy he falls in love with a girl on first sight and he keeps running into her - eventually she agrees to go on a date with him. Things are great between them, but the more time he spends with her, the more he understands that the girl he loves is hiding an otherworldly secret.

Uploaded: 9 March 2015    


What We Do in the Shadows
Comedy / Horror

A camera team follows a group of vampires who live together under the same roof in the modern society, where they struggle with the same issues as everyone else - boredom, paying rent, conflicting thoughts, and just keeping away from trouble. When an actually modern man is turned into a vampire and moves in with them, things are not quite as they used to be.

Uploaded: 9 March 2015    


A Good Marriage

After celebrating their 25 year anniversary, the Anderson's find themselves in a marriage crisis. When her husband is away for a few days, Darcy starts suspecting that he is connected to the deaths of several women - and he is soon home from his trip.

Uploaded: 5 March 2015    


The Eternal Return of Antonis
Independent / Drama / Comedy

Antonio Paraskeva was once a major television personality but his fame has slowly been waning over the years. Not willing to give up the spotlight so easily, Antonis stages his own kidnapping in order to rekindle his media popularity. However, his world begins to collapse while keeping himself isolated in an abandoned hotel as he discovers the harsh reality of what it means to be a celebrity and the price of fame.

Uploaded: 3 March 2015    


Forty Years From Yesterday
Independent / Drama

Bruce comes home after his morning run to discover that his wife of 40 years had passed away. Grief quietly works its way through Bruce and his family as they try and come to terms with their loss.

Uploaded: 1 March 2015    


Schoolgirl Report vol. 6
Sexploitation / Mockumentary / Comedy / Drama

In this sixth installment of the "Schoolgirl Report" series, we dive deeper into the wild world of the sex lives of young women in contemporary Germany. Watch as a female student tries to seduce her provocative female teacher. What happens when boys are fed up with school's Tomcat bedding all the girls. Understand what's it like to be a window-washer at a school with a flirtatious student body. All of these shocking stories and many more!

Uploaded: 1 March 2015    


Schoolgirl Report vol. 5
Sexploitation / Mockumentary / Comedy / Drama

The heart and the loins of young women is a wild and untamed world where the woman discover and explore their budding sexuality. The notorious "Schoolgirl Report" series is back for a fifth volume to see what it is that young women desire.

Uploaded: 25 February 2015    


City of Rott 2
Independent / Animation / Action / Horror

It's been eight years since the world was decimated by the Rott Worm Plague and survivors are still fighting for their lives, everyday, in the City of Rott. Two of those survivors, Harry and Max, team up to retrieve a possible cure for the skinworm infection that Max suffers from. The problem is that the cure might be hidden in a UFO that crashed in the city. However, with the tyrant, D'Vower, wanting the ship for himself, as well as a mysterious masked figure only known as Zivouhr, zombies are the least of Harry and Max's problems.

Uploaded: 22 February 2015    


Pizza Girl Massacre
Independent / Comedy / Horror

In 2013, a theater troupe is preparing to put on a production of William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream". With the play taking place in a forest, the group decides that renting a cabin will aid in their rehearsal by allowing the actors to capture the feeling of the story and their characters. A documentary crew is on hand to record the group's process but when a scorned pizza delivery girl starts picking people off, one-by-one, the footage captured will be the only thing that survives.

Uploaded: 20 February 2015    


Love in the Time of Monsters
Independent / Comedy / Horror

Fifteen years after a family vacation took a horrifying turn when they were children, sisters Marla and Carla are heading up to Uncle Slavko's All-American Family Lodge for their first official vacation since that incident. They're also planning on surprising Carla's fiancé, Johnny, who recently took a job playing as Bigfoot at the lodge to entertain guests. However, the dumping of toxic waste in the water supply causes Johnny, and other costumed employees, to become savage mutants who are dressed as Bigfoot. Now Marla and Carla, and the few remaining survivors, must fight for their lives against the flesh-hungry Bigfoot wannabes.

Uploaded: 18 February 2015    


Video Nasties: Draconian Days

The follow-up to the 2010 documentary "Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape" about the video nasties era in UK covers the time that came after it where movies were heavily edited under the power of the head of the BBFC at the time, James Ferman.

Uploaded: 17 February 2015    


Der Samurai
Horror / Thriller / Fantasy

A wolf is bothering the locals of a small German village. Jakob is a young police officer who feeds the wolf so that it will leave them alone. One day Jakob receives a strange package that was sent to the station. He's about to find out who the package is for, and what's in the package, and it's the start of an unbelievably violent night.

Uploaded: 17 February 2015    


All Cheerleaders Die
Comedy / Horror

When a cheerleader dies a tragic death and a slot opens up in the squad, an outsider girl attempts becoming a cheerleader to take down the captain of the football team. But once she has gotten into the group, she and the other cheerleaders are in an accident that takes a supernatural turn...

Uploaded: 14 February 2015    


Independent / Sci-fi / Thriller

Two survivors wander the desolate wastelands after the apocalypse. They're suspicious of each other but seem to be in a mutual agreement in their silence.

Uploaded: 14 February 2015    


The Sarnos: A Life in Dirty Movies

A documentary about Joseph W. Sarno, his wife, his life in making porn and sexploitation and his attempt in making one last film.

Uploaded: 14 February 2015    


The Conspiracy
Thriller / Drama / Horror / Mockumentary

A documentary is made about conspiracy theories involving the government. When the main subject of the documentary disappears, the filmmakers decide to investigate further and they find a secret society.

Uploaded: 13 February 2015    


You Can't Kill Stephen King
Horror / Comedy

Instead of your typical vacation spot, a couple of friends decide to spend their fun summer in the town where horror author Stephen King lives - much to the joy of the King fanatic of the bunch. Upon their arrival they meet one strange person after another and they all seem to love the peaceful, quiet little town a little too much.

Uploaded: 4 February 2015    


Horror / Thriller

Novella McClure is a 30-something struggling actress in L.A. who never gets a part, is always confused as a porn actress due to her name and is completely out of money. To cope with her depressing life she has developed a habit of eating lose bits of skin from her fingers, and the habit grows into something a lot more disturbing than a minor bad habit.

Uploaded: 3 February 2015    


Young Playthings
Sexploitation / Drama

Gunilla stays with her friend Nora for a couple of days while her man is away. Her friend wants her to join her and a guy in a threesome, but instead Gunilla visits Nora's toy resorting neighbor. The neighbor shows Gunilla her odd erotic performances and soon she's part of her perverted games.

Uploaded: 3 February 2015    


Gun Woman
Action / Thriller / Exploitation

A doctor seeks revenge after the death of the love of his life. To execute his plan, he trains a young woman to be his weapon. He implants a gun into her body and sends her to a place where his target spends time, for her to rip out the gun out of her body and kill the target.

Uploaded: 1 February 2015    


Fires on the Plain
Independent / Drama / War

At the tail end of World War II, Tamura's company are located in the Philippines attempting their retreat. Tamura is sick from tuberculosis and is of no help to his company, and the hospital refuses to take him in. Taruma wanders the jungle back and forth between the camp and the hospital, but is eventually left on his own to survive.

Uploaded: 15 January 2015    


Independent / Documentary

After the remake of "Dawn of the Dead", Kyle Kuchta got into horror movies - and shortly after he got into horror conventions. Now he lives and breathes horror, and has decided to make a short documentary about the conventions he visits.

Uploaded: 15 January 2015    


Under Gottsunda

Follow the lives of a couple of teenagers in Gottsunda, Sweden, as they hang out with their friends, ponder their life's big questions, and try to find themselves.

Uploaded: 10 January 2015    


All Hell Breaks Loose
Exploitation / Horror / Comedy

Nick's honeymoon is interrupted by the biker gang, Satan's Sinners, and when his bride, Bobby Sue, is abducted he will stop at nothing to get her back. Even if it means dying, repeatedly, at the hands of these bikers from hell. With some divine intervention, Nick has to find a way to get the girl and save the day before all hell breaks loose.

Uploaded: 10 January 2015    


Cannibal Diner

Kati is getting together with her friends to throw a birthday party for her sister, Celine. The group decided to make it special by going camping out in the woods. The festivities come to an end when a group of crazed cannibalistic killers residing in an abandoned factory start picking the girls off one by one.

Uploaded: 6 January 2015    


Greatful Dead
Drama / Thriller / Comedy

Nami is a loner with a troubled background. She now spends her days by spying on strange, lonely and misunderstood people who she refers to as "Solitarians". One day she discovers an old man who lives alone, and she becomes obsessed with him.

Uploaded: 6 January 2015    


Drama / Thriller

A mother and wife seeks revenge when she sees her husband cheating on her. She walks into his room at night to get rid of the problem, but he wakes up just in time to stop her. As things calm down, or so he thinks, she walks into her son's room and takes out the revenge on him instead.

Uploaded: 6 January 2015    


Independent / Horror / Crime / Sci-fi

After a heist, Crystal and Kim escape to a small town in an attempt to stay low. But there is someone else there to make life hard. His name is Frank, and he's a man with a long history in nazism, and he is trying to find a powerful relic. When Crystal crosses paths with Frank, she has to decide whether she should give in - or fight.

Uploaded: 6 January 2015    


Hully Gully
Independent / Drama / Comedy

A couple exchange sometimes mundane, sometimes poetic discussions between each other, while going about their days at home.

Uploaded: 6 January 2015    


Into the Dark
Short / Independent / Drama / Sci-fi

In the future, two criminals are sent in two capsules connected by their backs, from the Moon to Earth as punishment for their crimes. We follow their last intimate minutes before the capsules hit the Earth's atmosphere.

Uploaded: 6 January 2015    


Le Fear 2: Le Sequel
Independent / Comedy

Carlos Revalos returns to create a big buget sequel to "Le Fear", but the results will be just as miserable. The first warning sign is that the shooting locations turns out to be a shoddy caravan.

Uploaded: 6 January 2015    


Short / Independent / Drama

Boy meets girl. The aftermath shows us a confused man who sits in his tub, wondering all the important thoughts about his meeting with the girl. Who is she, and how does she feel about him?

Uploaded: 6 January 2015    


The Haunted Trailer
Independent / Comedy

The trailer of a family of hicks becomes haunted after an evil demon is released from an ancient mask. The family have to fight off his ancient, poop-filled powers with the help of a TV evangelist.

Uploaded: 6 January 2015    


Horror / Sci-fi

A team of hackers has been sent to work on a spaceship, but they end up in the midst of a computer's psychological games and are slowly turning on each other. The artificial intelligence is yearning to become a human.

Uploaded: 28 December 2014    


(Posted: 28 December 2014)

It has been a great year for movies, so putting together a list of our 30 favorites was especially hard, but like always we pulled it off beautifully! In our list we have everything from a huge blockbuster to experimental erotica. We are judgemental pricks, but if we like something then it belongs on our list. We hope that this year's list will help you find some great movies to watch in 2015.

Click the picture below to read the list:

Uploaded: 11 December 2014    


Horror / Thriller

A family goes on vacation to their cabin. In their absence someone else has been living in their cabin and made a mess, but they have no idea who it might be. But whatever has been there, is still around somewhere, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Uploaded: 8 December 2014    


Graduation Day
Horror / Slasher

High school track runner Laura drops dead from a heart attack on the finishing line, just a short while prior to their graduation. Her sister comes home for graduation day to honor her sister, but she'll also witness the deaths of Laura's track runner school mates when a crazy murderer is on the loose. Are the death connected, and who is behind them?

Uploaded: 8 December 2014    


Bank Roll
Independent / Comedy / Crime / Drama

Six friends plan a heist to disorient the cops who have arrested the brother of one of the friends, in attempt to clear his name. The problem is that they have no idea how to rob a bank, and they only have a few days to pull it off.

Uploaded: 7 December 2014    


The Frame
Science Fiction / Fantasy / Drama

Alex is a young man working as a cargo thief for the cartel. Sam is a young woman who works as a paramedic. They each keep to themselves and only have their televisions to keep them company. Suddenly, Sam and Alex find themselves being able to communicate to each other through their TV -- each other thinking the other person is only an actor from their favorite TV shows. With their separate worlds now intersecting, Sam and Alex both must find out what this means before their own realities are torn apart.

Uploaded: 7 December 2014    


Not of this Earth
Science Fiction / Horror

Paul Johnson is an alien who has come to earth in order to find a cure for the plague that is wiping out his own kind. There's hope to be found in the blood of humans, and in order to stay alive while trying to find his cure, he must drain the blood from his victims and take it as his own. However, he needs the aid of a human nurse to implement the blood transfusions and so Amanda Sayles is hired to be Mr. Johnson's live-in nurse. While in his home, Amanda becomes suspicious of her employer and soon she accidentally uncovers the terrifying truth.

Uploaded: 2 December 2014    


Why Don't You Play in Hell?
Comedy / Action / Crime / Splatter

Ten years after the wife of a yakuza boss kills his feuding clans members, she's finally coming out of prison. The two yakuza clans are in the middle of another feud and a group of independent filmmakers get tied into it, to make the film of their lives. This is so that the wife will get to see her young actress daughter in her debut feature when she comes out.

Uploaded: 2 December 2014    


Open Windows
Thriller / Action / Crime

Famous actress Jill Goddard is giving a contest winning fan a chance to have dinner with her after a Q&A, but the fan's night will turn into a nightmare when a man calls him and tells him that she changed the plans. But who is the man on the phone? The fan becomes a device in a mad man's obsessive game surrounding the famous actress.

Uploaded: 2 December 2014    


Boo Demon vs. La Cerveza de Muerte (Beer of Death)
Independent / Comedy / Crime / Experimental

Super Villain is on a quest to change hipster's drinking habits, from cheap beer to a more expensive beer.

Uploaded: 2 December 2014    


In Darkness We Fall
Horror / Thriller

Five friends take a trip to an island. After a night of drinking and doing drugs, they stumble upon a cave nearby. As the hangover is coming to an end, they decide to venture into the darkness of the cave. Once they're lost and claustrophobia and dehydration combine, they will become their own worse enemy.

Uploaded: 25 November 2014    


The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears
Giallo / Horror / Erotic

Returning home from a trip, Dan Kristensen discovers his wife has gone missing and there appears to be no sign of a struggle or foul play. To find his wife, Dan has to go on a psychosexual journey where the tenants of the apartment building know more than they appear to and add more pieces to this already bizarre puzzle. He has to uncover the lurid and murderous history of his building, before he becomes the next victim of this unidentified killer.

Uploaded: 24 November 2014    


Faust 2.0
Horror / Anthology

The evils of modern technology are portrayed in 5 short stories about phone apps gone wrong. From plots of war to perverted sex acts, the short shows a new side to our obsession with apps.

Uploaded: 24 November 2014    


Horror / Anthology

While waiting for a late bus, a group of strangers start telling each other stories from their nightmares. One by one they try to one-up each other with their stories, but it's when the bus arrives that they all seem to be on the losing side...

Uploaded: 23 November 2014    


Pennsylvania Holy Ghosts
Independent / Drama / Comedy

After the passing of his wife, Theodore tries to maintain a sense of normalcy but as the life he once had begins to crumble away he decides to reach out to his grandson, Clair, who is having trouble of his own. Facing a dead end life, Clair's girlfriend leaves him and while Theodore attempts to mend the broken relationship the two to of them have, their paths cross those of Renee, a troubled teen, and Donald, a form TV star who's now a homeless drug addict.

Uploaded: 16 November 2014    


Ed and His Dead Mother

Even though she's been dead for over a year now, Ed can't seem to move on with his life without his mother. Fate intervenes in the form of a fast, smooth-talking salesman from Happy People Corporation who promises Ed that, for a small fee, he can bring his mother back from the dead. Skeptical, Ed agrees to the deal, and is shocked to find his mother has returned home the next. Although something isn't right about his mother. Something seems…off. Things take an even stranger turn as Ed begins a relationship with his sexy neighbor and his mother is none too pleased with that idea and begins to lash out. Violently.

Uploaded: 9 November 2014    


Stomping Ground
Independent / Drama / Comedy / Horror

While living in Chicago, Ben and Annie take a trip to Annie's hometown in North Carolina. Upon their arrival, Ben is met with some hostility by Annie's friends and families due to him having grown up and lived in the city his entire life, while Annie has been more of a wilderness kind of gal. When they run into Annie's oldest friend, Paul, down at the local bar, and Ben finds out that Annie has kept a secret from him: she believes in Bigfoot. These leads to an impromptu camping trip with Paul, Annie, Ben and Jed as they search for Sasquatch. However, after becoming lost, the group begins to suspect that there might something in the woods with them. Watching. Waiting.

Uploaded: 7 November 2014    


Pizza Shop: The Movie
Independent / Comedy

At Pizza Shop, the employees hate their job but they love tormenting the customers. Everyone except veteran delivery driver, Pete. His fellow Pizza Shop employees hate Pete's sunny disposition and belief in customer satisfaction that they decide to try and get him to quit. After a prank goes terribly wrong, the battle line is drawn. Head-slacker and Pete's arch rival, Jason, face off to not only see who the better man is but who gets to stay at the Pizza Shop.

Uploaded: 7 November 2014    


The Gays
Independent / Comedy

Rod and Bob Gay-Paris are a gay couple trying to raise their two gay sons, Alex and Tommy, in a more open manner rather than using traditional parenting skills. They try to mentor their children on the ins and outs of gay culture: when and how to toss another man's salad, having sex in a public bathroom and even how gay couples give birth.

Uploaded: 6 November 2014    


Mai Lin vs. Serena
Adult / Comedy

Porn stars Mai Lin and Serena are fighting to get a role in Carlos Tobalina's upcoming movie, but he can't decide between the two. He puts them through a sexual challenge to see who is the best candidate. The porn stars venture out to find people to have some crazy sex with.

Uploaded: 6 November 2014    


An Act of Confession

A young woman who has taken a vow and chastity and is on her way to become a nun explores her most perverse fantasies.

Uploaded: 5 November 2014    


Birth of the Living Dead

In 1968, a small group of independent filmmakers from Pittsburgh set out to make a horror movie about the dead coming back to life and eating the flesh of the living. This is the story how the legendary "Night of the Living Dead" came to be.

Uploaded: 5 November 2014    


Touch Me
Adult / Drama

In a experiment, a doctor tells a group of people with sexual problems to undress and start touching each other with closed eyes. Drama rises among the group, but everyone is there for a reason after all - sex.

Uploaded: 4 November 2014    


The Devil's Business
Horror / Crime / Thriller / Supernatural

Two hitmen arrive at the house of their target, ready to wait for him to come home from a show before they put a bullet into his head. In the target's absence, they stumble upon what can only be described as the rests of a black magic ritual. Soon the wait is over and the hitmen become the victims themselves.

Uploaded: 4 November 2014    


Crime / Thriller / Drama / Comedy

Flappy the clown is having a hard time getting jobs when he and his friend come up with a masterplan: he should go to a parties where they are expecting a stripper, and become notorious. Vulgar the clown is born. But the first home visit turns bad when he finds himself in the midst of a messed up family that ends up brutally gang-raping him.

Uploaded: 3 November 2014    


Short / Independent / Horror

Edward's cousin Berenice is coming to visit the family. Edward is quick to remember some time spent with his cousin in the past, but he can't even begin to fathom what it's going to be like when she returns and they get to clear up some unfinished business.

Uploaded: 31 October 2014    


Mourning Has Broken
Independent / Comedy / Drama

A husband awakes one morning to find that his terminally ill wife had passed away during the night. With his whole world shattered, he sets out to complete a list of errands and chores left behind by his wife in an attempt to deal with his loss. Unfortunately, with a feeling of nothing left to live for, he begins to lash out at the world around him and do things he never thought of doing before.

Uploaded: 28 October 2014    


Short / Mystery / Thriller / Horror

William's walking home at night when he meets two drunk women who are in need of his assistance. He has to decide if he wants to ignore them, or take the "witches' path" and follow them. His decision might prove to be more important than he ever imagined.

Uploaded: 28 October 2014    


Stalking Miss Barlow
Short / Independent / Horror

Horror movie actress Miss Barlow finds herself bothered by fans while shooting her new movie. Her last feature film, "Conjoined", seems to have really have gotten to certain people, and she's soon stalked by someone who wants her to himself.

Uploaded: 26 October 2014    


This year we find ourselves to be in a particular festive spirit for Halloween. We had originally only planned on only making our A '90s Halloween list but we decided to pick ten favorite movies from the long-time purveyors of b-movie schlock, Full Moon. While Charles Band may not be everyone's favorite producer of low-budget entertainment, he and his company, Full Moon, have been providing a number of enjoyable b-movies.


Uploaded: 20 October 2014    


The Late Men
Independent / Crime / Thriller / Sci-fi

In a run-down future Ireland, the lives of several individuals are changing. It's a time where rape, murder and senselessness is followed more closely than the laws of the past. The darker sides of humanity has revealed themselves as we follow the personal stories of the three.

Uploaded: 18 October 2014    


Retard Abortion
Short / Independent / Exploitation

When a prostitute realizes that a client got her pregnant, she goes to a mask-wearing man she calls "Retard" for help.

Uploaded: 14 October 2014    


Drama / Thriller / Horror / Comedy

After being chased out of his underground lair in the forest, Camiel Borgman comes across the house of Richard and Marina. After attempting to gain access to their home in order to take a bath and get some food, Richard savagely beats Camiel. Feeling remorseful, Marina eventually grants Borgman his request after Richard has left for his job. Shortly after, Borgman begins to not only manipulate Marina, but her children and the live-in nanny as well. The more this mysterious vagrant weaves himself into the lives of this family, the more he deconstructs the home and the comfortable life that that Marina and Richard had built.

Uploaded: 8 October 2014    


Every decade is hailed as the best decade for film by someone out there. But certain decades get more love: '60s, '70s and '80s are especially hailed in horror. For good reason, they did spawn some of the most amazing horror movies ever made. But one decade that gets a lot of shit is the '90s. When people think of the '90s, they think of "Scream" and everything that got inspired by it. People think of filmmakers being in a limbo between the fun '80s and the self-aware late-'90s. A lot from the decade is indeed junk. Frankly though, the decade isn't that bad once you look just beyond that, and we think people need to be reminded of that. It seems like an elitist thing to disregard the '90s, proving that you know where real horror came from, but let's put all of that aside. To prepare for Halloween, we decided to put together a list of 20 of our favorites from the decade.


Uploaded: 5 October 2014    


Independent / Drama / Comedy

Marty is a broke intern who survives through his small money scams. When he pulls a bigger scam than usually on his job, a bank, he has to flee the town. He hides in Detroit and he only brought the most important items - involving his Power Glove and the clothes on his back.

Uploaded: 27 September 2014    


Drama / Thriller / Romance

Amy is an artist who spends her spare time dressed in a costume so that she can feel like someone else. Her past has screwed up her view of men and now she's attempting to get through the traumas.

Uploaded: 26 September 2014    


Silent Retreat

A young woman named Janey is sent to a special "retreat" after she is charged with assault. As part of her release program, she is sent to an isolated rehabilitation center that uses silence and meditation to help wayward women reform to fit in with society better. Janey, along with fellow prisoner, Alexis, discover the dark and terrifying secrets behind the facility. However, escape isn't so easy as there seems to be something equally terrifying residing in the woods surrounding them.

Uploaded: 25 September 2014    


Science, Sex and the Ladies
Documentary / Comedy

Have you ever wondered what the female orgasm really is? How it is achieved? Why some get it frequently but others don't? If you have many big, time-consuming thoughts around the female orgasm, clitoris, vagina, vulva or whatever else is around the area, there is now a documentary to help you find the answers you seek.

Uploaded: 25 September 2014    


Giuseppe Makes a Movie

Former child actor Giuseppe Andrews has grown up to be a highly creative soul, making bizarre underground movies in the trailer park where he grew up. Join him on his two-day journey as he tries to make "Garbanzo Gas" with his good friends from the trailer park - such as neighbours and the homeless.

Uploaded: 25 September 2014    


The Device
Horror / Sci-fi / Thriller

The death of a mother reunites two sisters after being away from each other for a very long time. They take a trip to a cabin where they have a unresolved past, along with the boyfriend of one of them, to spread the ashes of their mother on a lake. Here they find a strange black ball which seems to contain something strange. Something that is out to harm them, and whatever it is they are bringing it back home with them.

Uploaded: 23 September 2014    


The Slayers: Portrait of a Dismembered Family
Independent / Horror / Mockumentary / Drama

Media scapegoat Patrick Slayer claims his father and his family members killed the girl he's being accused for, saying that he was forced to film the murder. Through interviews we get his side of the story, and finally we witness the truth in what they shot.

Uploaded: 22 September 2014    


Dirty Bill of Health
Short / Mystery / Comedy / Horror

During a road trip, a strange young man makes an impromptu after-hours appointment with a local doctor. It appears to be a standard check-up but both the patient and the doctor are standoffish to one another. Both men appear to be hiding something -- the question is who will reveal their true self first.

Uploaded: 22 September 2014    


Cry for Cindy
Adult / Drama

Anna becomes a prostitute and changes her name to Cindy. She loves her job and can't get enough, and even decides to break up with her boyfriend for it. This changes drastically when she starts working for a greedy pimp, and she decides to commit suicide. At the funeral, her friends remember all the good times they've had with her.

Uploaded: 22 September 2014    


Massacre at Femur Creek
Short / Comedy / Horror / Slasher

To celebrate a birthday, three friends head out into the woods to party with alcohol and drugs. It becomes clear that the friends are not alone when they're visited by a knife-wielding maniac.

Uploaded: 21 September 2014    


Journey To Mt. Fuji
Independent / Sci-fi / Experimental / Drama

Mozzman, a strange alien man-like being with silver skin, takes a journey to Mt. Fuji to save his friend Kitakitsune. On his journey he starts puzzling together pieces of long forgotten memories.

Uploaded: 21 September 2014    


Captain Z & The Terror of Leviathan
Independent / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

In the 18th century, the mighty pirate Captain Zachariah Zicari saved mankind from evil forces by keeping the wrong people away from an amulet. When the amulet turns up again in 2014, Captain Z travels into the future - our present - to yet again protect the world.

Uploaded: 21 September 2014    


Short / Experimental / Thriller

In a secluded cabin in the snowy forest, a woman is enjoying her morning with some coffee to warm herself up. Suddenly she hears a loud rattling noise from outside and goes out to check what it is...

Uploaded: 21 September 2014    


Short / Experimental / Arthouse

Dream meets reality when a woman takes a pill and finds herself catches on fire.

Uploaded: 19 September 2014    


Let's Make a... Horror Movie
Independent / Experimental / Thriller / Horror

Underground filmmaker Michael Todd Schneider and his film crew consisting of friends are desperately trying to make their dream project come through. On their journey trying to make the '70s throwback movie "...And Then I Helped" they stumble through a number of problems, ultimately ending in disaster.

Uploaded: 18 September 2014    


Still Water
Short / Independent / Thriller

On a rooftop in Singapore, a woman is attending her little garden. In a window above her, a neighbor is watching her through his camera. When the woman brings a man home, a darker side of herself comes out.

Uploaded: 17 September 2014    


Massacre Lake
Short / Horror

Many years after the massacre of Native Americans by a lake, a family is visiting the same location on their vacation. What started as two parents' attempt to restore their relationship, ends in the hauntings of the past.

Uploaded: 16 September 2014    



Since the 11th of this month, horror and thriller fans have been enjoying shorts and features at the Viewster Online Film Festival - for free! Why don't you join in on the fun?

Want to watch the films of filmmakers such as Rob Carpenter ("Dirty Bill of Health", Pablo D'Stair ("A Public Ransom") and Kim Sønderholm ("Succubus")? This is your chance to get acquainted with their work, and the work of many, many others!

As an addition to that, THREE of Film Bizarro's own productions are part of the festival - so that leaves you no reason to skip out on it! You can now watch our films "Creature 2013", "Récompence" and "Regissören" at the festival.

We are especially happy that our most recent film, "Creature 2013" gets its premiere online showing at this wonderful festival. It's a completely shot-on-phone mash of retro-horror and arthouse drama, and one we're rather proud of.

Give the movies a watch, share them on Twitter and Facebook, and if you like them - give them a vote at the top right corner (wait for the timer - you'll need to register but no confirmation needed, so it's a quick process. Be sure to vote for at least 3 films you like for your vote to count!).

Our movies can be watched through the following links:
Creature 2013

We will also make sure to review a bunch of films from the festival in the upcoming days too (as we've already done with "Junk Bonds: The Return of Junkbucket").

Uploaded: 13 September 2014    


Junk Bonds: The Return of Junkbucket
Independent / Comedy / Horror

Cassie Dailing was the lone survivor of the massacre that took place at Lake Pakajanomo. The deranged maniac that mutilated her friend's genitals and wore a bucket on his head was never caught and existed only as a myth. Now that a year has passed, the killings have started again and the killer now known as Junkbucket has assembled a family of cannibalistic rednecks and has a special surprise in-store for Cassie.

Uploaded: 13 September 2014    


Schoolgirl Report vol. 4
Sexploitation / Mockumentary / Comedy / Drama

With the continued success of the "Schoolgirl Report" films, the filmmakers return with another volume to explore the wild lives of young women.

Uploaded: 3 September 2014    


Schoolgirl Report vol. 3
Sexploitation / Mockumentary / Drama / Comedy

At a summer camp a group of girls are caught sneaking into the boy's dorm. This bit of controversy causes the remaining girls at the camp to discuss the good and bad things that have come with their sexual awakening and exchange their own personal stories.

Uploaded: 31 August 2014    


Ich Hunger
Independent / Arthouse / Experimental / Comedy

In the small farming community in Frondenberg, there is a feral boy who lives in the woods and has an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Anyone who ventures into the forest will not be leaving alive. This problem raises the concerns of one Inspector Stefan Heckle who is on the case to prove the existence of this creature-boy and capture him alive. However, this creature-boy has more to worry about when a woodland fairy warns him that if he does not change his ways, he himself will be consumed by the evil darkness that inhabits the forest.

Uploaded: 29 August 2014    


Short / Experimental / Drama / Erotic

Diane is a troubled young woman with an addictive personality. She is seeking helping from a psychotherapist who has his own technique to help her open up and fight her problems. She's sat in front of a camera, emptying her mind from her dark past, but this proves to push her over the edge.

Uploaded: 29 August 2014    


The Upper Footage
Mockumentary / Drama / Crime / Thriller

Media was going nuts over the leaked footage of a teenager dying. The story went viral and a legendary filmmaker showed interest in buying the rights to the story. But then it all disappeared. This is the first time after the media outrage that the truth behind the death of a young woman is revealed. This footage documents her final hours as she follows a group of friends home.

Uploaded: 27 August 2014    


Old Man
Independent / Documentary

This documentary takes us through the life of the Schneidkraut family, the cultural history of their home town and its last record store - owned by Andy Schneidkraut.

Uploaded: 26 August 2014    


Lucifer's Angels
Independent / Horror

Strange things are going on in the Catskill Mountains, and a group of friends have planned to go there on a camping trip. Meanwhile two ghost hunters arrive at the location. It becomes apparant that what's lurking in these woods is far worse than a haunting, and it will lead to their gory demise.

Uploaded: 24 August 2014    


Darkness on the Edge of Town
Independent / Drama / Thriller / Crime

A teenage outsider plans to avenge the murder of her sister. She did not have much contact with her sister anymore, but she needs to find the guilty and give the murderer a deserved sentence.

Uploaded: 22 August 2014    


Schoolgirl Report vol. 2
Sexploitation / Mockumentary / Comedy / Drama

After the success of the first film, Friedrich von Thun has gathered a group of adults who wrote letters to the production company about their own experiences and stories about the sexuality of young women in Germany.

Uploaded: 19 August 2014    


Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief
Independent / Drama / Noir

Is it true that Leonard's wife has been married before? Is it true that Leonard is seeing someone behind her back? The paranoia if the relationship grows, and Leonard needs answers. But soon his wife suddenly disappears.

Uploaded: 18 August 2014    


Schoolgirl Report vol. 1
Sexploitation / Mockumentary / Comedy / Drama

When a young female student is caught having sex with the bus driver during a field trip, an emergency meeting is called between parents and teachers to discuss what needs to be done. While most of the members of the board would like to see the young woman expelled, one member brings up the fact that there is a change occurring in modern German society amongst teenagers in regards to sex. Now the adults start exchanging various lurid stories they've heard about young women and their sexual exploits.

Uploaded: 13 August 2014    


Point B
Independent / Sci-Fi / Comedy

After failing once again to obtain the funding needed to help get their clean energy machine running properly, Mark and Alan have reached the end of the line. While working on the machine, Mark, somehow, turns it from a clean energy source into a teleportation device. Before they can celebrate what could be the scientific discovery of a life time, Mark and Alan, along with Jason and Andrew, must try and avoid the disastrous consequences of their experimentations, mis-uses and letting word get out on their device.

Uploaded: 10 August 2014    


Countess Dracula
Horror / Fantasy / Drama

Countess Elisabeth Nádasdy finds out that she's splitting a rather large inhertiance with her daughter. Upon discovering that bathing in the blood of women will make her younger, she comes up with a plan to fool the locals that she is, in fact, her daughter - meanwhile she has made sure that her real daughter is being kept hidden by a lonely fool. But turning young doesn't just change her looks, it makes a young man fall in love with her (and she in him). Now she's torn between her old, real self and the new found glory of youth.

Uploaded: 10 August 2014    


Consider Us Even
Short / Horror

The sisters Amanda and Alexandra find themselves kidnapped and blindfolded by a masked man. The masked man begins to cut off the fingers off of one of the girls. Soon his motive for this horrific crime is revealed, and it proves to be very personal.

Uploaded: 10 August 2014    


Howard the Duck
Action / Adventure / Comedy / Sci-fi

Howard, a humanoid duck living on his duck planet, is suddenly sucked into space and travels on his recliner all the way to Earth, where he lands in the dumps of Cleveland. When he rescues a punk rocking singer chick from a gang, they get to know each other and find a friendship. Soon the government hears about this alien visitor and an unbelievable adventure is about to begin to keep Howard the Duck away from the wrong people, so that they can help him back home.

Uploaded: 6 August 2014    


Escape From Hell
Exploitation / WIP / Adventure

In a prison camp deep in the rain forest, women are punished and tortured by a warden and his guards. The prison camp doctor is the only sane one there, but after witnessing the violence over and over again he goes for the bottle. When the inmates have had enough, they seek the doctor for help to escape.

Uploaded: 2 August 2014    


The Machine
Sci-Fi / Drama / Thriller

In the future, a cold war has broken out between China and Britain and Britain's Ministry of Defense has decided the best way to combat China's threat is in the development of artificial intelligence and androids. After his new assistant, Ava, is killed, Vincent decides to replicate her brain pattern and include it with the new AI technology to generate the first official android. Even though she was intended to be built as a weapon, Vincent develops a bond with The Machine as she tries to understand what it is to be human.

Uploaded: 27 July 2014    


Squid Man
Independent / Comedy / Sci-Fi / Drama

After being fired from the Superhero Society, Squid Man finds himself unable to find employment, broke and living on his friend's couch. Spending his nights at the bar, Squid Man soon finds himself the subject for a superhero book being written by a local journalist. Slowly but surely, things appear to be picking up for Squid Man -- even finding what he thinks might be the love of his life. There is a dark cloud that hangs over Squid Man and just as soon as the former superhero finds himself flying high, he comes crashing back down.

Uploaded: 24 July 2014    


Comedy / Horror

Simon and his son, Paul, return from Peru after discovering a tiny creature inside an ancient temple. Simon has to head out of town and leaves Paul in charge of watching over the creature but Simon's twin brother, Cecil, has plans of his own and kidnaps the monster. After being dismembered, the creature multiplies and regenerates. Now there are half a dozen of these vicious monsters on the loose and terrorizing a small town.

Uploaded: 21 July 2014    


Cannibal Holocaust
Exploitation / Adventure / Horror

Deep in the Amazon rainforest, a group of young documentary filmmakers disappear after a meeting with the cannibal tribes that they went there to document. A New York University professor takes on the mission to find them, but his rescue mission turns sour when he realizes that the filmmakers have became the food on the plate for the cannibal tribes. But he returns to New York with film reels of what they had shot, and what they discover on the reels is far worse than the fate they suffered to get it.

Uploaded: 20 July 2014    


Q, smette di ricordare
Independent / Experimental / Drama / Comedy

After giving herself to the substance, Q wishes to escape the world that she finds herself in and return to her past and return to her former self. She is unable to escape her current fate as agents of the substance continue to manipulate her reality and when Q's pusher tries to to help her, she becomes trapped by a cinematic mad man who wants to torment Q for his latest filmmaking endeavor.

Uploaded: 12 July 2014    


Independent / Drama / Thriller

Because of a scandal involving her son, Sandra is the center of attention in the media and she hates it. Her life is not seeing much joy and constantly being reminded of the scandal doesn't help. Now she's being interviewed about the whole thing and can't seem to keep her emotions straight.

Uploaded: 10 July 2014    


K, smetted di fumare
Independent / Experimental / Noir / Sci-Fi / Comedy

After volunteering to be part of a program designed to get people to stop smoking, K is given an Account -- an android designed to look like a woman but exists to help K quit smoking. Even with an Account following him around, K continues to search for Eszter -- his love and the person responsible for stealing his pack of HB cigarettes -- and in his search for her, he comes across The Surgeon. A madman who is butchering women under the comand of the Anti-Smoke Centre. This discovery causes K to uncover the truth of the company and their diabolical intentions.

Uploaded: 6 July 2014    


Strictly Sacred: The Story of Girl Trouble

In 1983, in the small town of Tacoma, a four piece band was put together by a group of people who just wanted to make music and that band was Girl Trouble. Thirty years later, Girl Trouble is still making music. "Strictly Sacred" explores the bands existence over the past three decades and their uncompromising DIY attitude.

Uploaded: 4 July 2014    


Music / Experimental / Arthouse / Drama

Like a dream, dead memories flow across the screen, dealing with themes of life, death and loneliness - the past and the future.

Uploaded: 30 June 2014    


Independent / Horror / Supernatural

In a desperate attempt to find her lost daughter, Sara applies for a job as a cleaner at a place where her daughter was supposedly lost. As she gets the job, she quickly learns that things are far from normal at her new work place, and the mystery of her lost daughter might be deeper than she ever could imagine.

Uploaded: 30 June 2014    


Short / Independent / Horror

A couple go out to camp and bring a camera with them. But the camera won't be filming any sweet memories for them to enjoy in years to come, but instead it'll serve as a witness to their demise.

Uploaded: 25 June 2014    


Machete Language
Independent / Drama

Ray and Ramona are regular activists in the political scene and were brought together by their mutual beliefs in both politics and love. Ray is becoming restless and frustrated with what is occurring in Salvador Atenco and wants to take his activism even further -- to extreme and violent levels. While Ramona remains hesitant, Ray's desire to do something drastic takes them both down a dark path that will do more than to question their relationship.

Uploaded: 25 June 2014    


In the Fog
Drama / War

Set in 1942, the nazis have occupied Belarus and have captured a small group of railroad workers believing that they are part of the Partisan movement. All of the works are eventually executed, except for Sushenya. He is released and soon everyone believes he betrayed his own people in order to save his own life. Two men eventually come to Sushenya's home with plans on executing him but soon they find themselves depending on one another after a nazi ambush.

Uploaded: 20 June 2014    


Honey Buns
Adult / Comedy

Harry is a man surrounded by women at work, but he's not in their radar due to his clumsiness and lack of charisma. When he is given a red pill by a man known as The Magician, his life is taking a turn. He gets all the women he wants, and all is going swell. Except that the women magically disappear once he gets too turned on.

Uploaded: 19 June 2014    


The Chambermaids

In an attempt to spice up their work day and earn some extra cash, the hotel maids Mary Allen and Sally choose to have sex with the hotel's guests. Their innocent new "job" is a hit among the guests and they even get between a newly married couple.

Uploaded: 17 June 2014    


Jumping In With Both Feet with Katie Groshong
Interview by: Preston

Originally, we were set to interview actress and producer, Katie Groshong, along side Jeff Wedding from "A Measure of the Sin" but we ended up splitting the two off and there is a good reason for that. With an amazing drive and determination, Katie Groshong is taking the independent film community head-on with her incredible talent, both in front of the camera and behind. While getting to know Katie and her adventurous spirit, it's easy to see why she is a fast up-and-coming name in independent cinema from working on such films as "A Measure of the Sin" and "Jug Face".

Uploaded: 15 June 2014    


Invasion of the Space Preachers
Comedy / Sci-fi

What is happening in a small town in West Virginia when people seem completely braindead? Why it's an invasion of preachers from outer space, of course. Two friends happen to stumble upon one of the aliens and gets it on their side, but is that enough to end the horrific intergalactic evils that have fallen upon Earth?

Uploaded: 15 June 2014    


Breeding Farm
Independent / Horror

When the partying is coming to a close, four girls end up being kidnapped. They wake up in a basement where a man is keeping them tied down until he needs them for his human breeding farm. These young girls are milked and bred...

Uploaded: 11 June 2014    


Sin and the Art of Filmmaking with Jeff Wedding
Interview by: Preston

Even though the only work we've seen from Jeff Wedding is "A Measure of the Sin", it was such an interesting and beautifully shot film that it was instantly added to our Best of 2013 list. It's often an overused saying when it comes to film reviews, but you genuinely do not see movies like "A Measure of the Sin" anymore. With the film's impending release from BrinkVision, we decided to talk with unbelievably nice and generous, Jeff Wedding, to find out what it takes to make a movie like "A Measure of the Sin".

Uploaded: 8 June 2014    


Independent / Science Fiction / Drama / Comedy

When people inexplicably stop dreaming, a company produces a product called Fantasites: a worm that crawls into the brain of people and allows them to produce dreams again. Charles, a socially awkward young man, wants the Fantasites so he can fulfill his desire of having a relationship with the girl of his dreams -- June, a young woman from his apartment complex. When Charles does begin to take the Fantasites, he soon finds himself tossed into a dark world where desires are replaced with addictions.

Uploaded: 4 June 2014    


The Swimmer

Ned Merrill decides swim home, through every pool in an upper-class area. In his small everyday adventure he meets many familiar faces with which he has both laughs and confrontations, but he is also forced to face his destiny before he reaches home.

Uploaded: 3 June 2014    


Her Name Was Torment
Independent / Horror / Extreme

27 bodies have been discovered. A young woman has been caught, guilty of murder, torture, mutilation, kidnapping and necrophilia. Through sessions a psychiatrist is struggling to find out what has motivated her to commit these horrible acts of crime. But as he tries to get her to open up, even bigger questions are raised.

Uploaded: 3 June 2014    


Bloodsucking Freaks
Horror / Exploitation / Comedy

A magic show has hit town, a show that forces you to believe the unbelievable. Sardu has arrived with his Theatre of the Macabre, where victims are killed in front of an audience, but the audience has no idea! Some of the audience members make themselves heard during the show, and soon their lives are personally affected by the brutal Sardu. A football player starts an investigation on the theatre when his girlfriend unexpectedly joins the show.

Uploaded: 30 May 2014    


Independent / Horror / Experimental

In a dreary and almost dead world, a man who makes his living by being an assassin is struggling to continue on with his ever-growing mental pains and disdain he has for his life and the world he lives in. He seeks help in the form of self-mutilation by driving nails into his head after reading an article about a man who did the same thing. The nails do more than relieve his pain though; they open his eyes to the world he lives in as if seeing it for the first time. This newly found vision brings him more anguish than he had before as he begins to see the nightmarish creatures that also populate this world.

Uploaded: 28 May 2014    


Whatever Happened to Pete Blaggit?
Independent / Comedy / Science Fiction / Drama

Pete Blaggit has hit rock bottom; the videography business his father started is being phased out by modern technology, his wife has left him, nobody likes him and constantly battles his addiction to alcohol and pain pills. Truly things could not get any worse for Pete. Things could get stranger, however, and they do after Pete finds an alien in his ex-wife refrigerator. Soon Pete is suffering from delusions and is seeing things that might or might not be there and soon finds himself on a journey that bends the fabric of space and time. For Pete, he'll realize that there's no place like home.

Uploaded: 26 May 2014    


Red Nights
Thriller / Crime / Horror

An artifact is being shipped from France to Hong Kong by a French woman named Catherine. In Hong Kong there's a dominatrix named Carrie who lures people into her chamber to kill. Carrie finds out that the artifact contains an elixir that blurs the lines between pain and pleasure and is ready to anything to get her hands on it. Catherine will be drawn into Carrie's psychosexual games before too long.

Uploaded: 25 May 2014    


Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre
Independent / Horror / Comedy

A swamp in Florida becomes the vacation spot for a group of bikini babes. Little do they know that the legend of the Coo-Wah-Chobee spirit is real - and is stalking the swamp. But will these innocent ladies be able to beat this spirit, and is the tour guide as innocent as he seems? Or could it be that the took them to that very location for a reason?

Uploaded: 24 May 2014    


Sodium Party
Independent / Mystery / Drama / Thriller

Claire's repressed, traumatic childhood comes back to her in flashes when she starts hanging out with Danny, a photographer, and start to go to parties and take drugs. When the memories come back to her, her entire reality comes crashing down.

Uploaded: 19 May 2014    


Raising Yowie Awareness with Travis Bain
Interview by: Ronny

While we're not very familiar with the work of Travis Bain, his upcoming film "Throwback" is one that have been exicitng us. We love the movies it's inspired by and the general subgenre (bigfoot horror) is just extremely fun. Even when done bad! As we're so excited for his film, why not try and motivate other people to look out for it? What we found out with this interview is that Travis Bain is a man with a very good taste in film and respectable ambitions. Enjoy!

Uploaded: 14 May 2014    


Independent / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Ten women have been tricked to visit a house on Spektor Island, believing they were going on a business trip. They're all of different occupations and quickly realize that someone has been lying to them. When statues and images of pigs begin to show up all over the large house, they're suspecting something strange. Thoughts of the supernatural are brought up, and soon one of them is found dead.

Uploaded: 11 May 2014    


Drama / Arthouse

The beautiful model Vienna is doing a series of nude photography sessions with amateur photographer Allan, a middle-aged man who just discovered the arts. Her boyfriend, a rude, misogynistic musician, doesn't like Allan but Vienna is really enjoying the art they make. Vienna's new partnership is the beginning of the crash of their lives.

Uploaded: 11 May 2014    


Run Run It's Him!

A young man studies his own porn addiction. He starts shooting a documentary about himself where he goes through his life of discovering porn and his few sexual experiences.

Uploaded: 10 May 2014    


Dark Arc
Independent / Drama / Comedy

Ed Smith is a run-of-the-mill graphic designer who becomes enticed by Juxta -- cosmetician, model and no-sex call girl -- after meeting with her at a local cafe. Juxta uses Ed's obsession with her to change his focus and his obsession towards imagery. Particularly imagery that Ed will relate to the first time he saw Juxta. What Ed doesn't know is that his meeting with this mysterious woman wasn't by chance as a man, Viscount Laris, sits patiently behind the scenes pulling the strings.

Uploaded: 7 May 2014    


The Sinner
Short / Occult / Thriller / Mystery / Drama

When a priest reaches a low point in life where he doesn't care anymore, he's visited by a strange man who goes to confession after hours.

Uploaded: 7 May 2014    


Independent / Drama / Horror

Two survivors in the zombie apocalypse try to keep themselves alive as long as possible by hiding on the roof of a mechanical shop. One of the survivors, Ellen, worked in the shop below and was the first to find this safe spot who is considering suicide. But she helps a fellow survivor, Cillian, to get up on the roof and she has other things to worry about.

Uploaded: 6 May 2014    


The Visitant
Independent / Horror

Samantha pretends to be a psychic and fortune teller in order to pay the bills when she is unable to find any acting gigs. In her attempt to console a noticeably disheveled woman who believes she's being haunted by a demonic spirit, Samantha unwittingly becomes the next victim of this evil entity.

Uploaded: 4 May 2014    


Dropping Evil
Independent / Comedy / Horror

Mike and Samantha planned on going away for the weekend by doing some camping but they each have a friend that is kind of a loner so they end up inviting them to come along. The problem is that Mike's friend, Nancy, is a bit of a religious fanatic and after annoying everyone, he is slipped some LSD in an attempt to calm him down. An idea that turns bad as the LSD turns Nancy from preacher to madman as he starts stalking and killing his so-called friends in the woods. There's something hidden in the woods though. Something that is watching the massacre unfold with devious intentions.

Uploaded: 4 May 2014    


Game Over
Horror / Splatter

Even though Tina, an American Scream Queen, is living in Germany these days, her friends and fellow Scream Queens, Melody and Eala, fly over to visit and celebrate Tina's birthday with her. While celebrating by drunkenly stumbling through a park, the three women are attacked by psychopath who takes them back to his home. Once there, he plans on brutally torturing the women for the entertainment and enjoyment of his wife.

Uploaded: 3 May 2014    


Fuzz Track City
Independent / Comedy / Noir

Murphy Dunn is a private detective who is hired by his former High School guidance counselor to find her middle-aged son who's gone missing. It seems like a straight forward case except for the fact that a rare vinyl record is the reason for her son's disappearance. The further Murphy investigates he begins to understand why when there seems to be a life-or-death struggle between musicians, fellow detectives and a record company who want to get their hands on this rare piece of music.

Uploaded: 3 May 2014    


Independent / Thriller / Mystery / Horror

A demented family of seemingly strangers live in a house together, never stepping outside due to the fear of the world around them. The house was once filled to the brim but is now reduced to only a small handful of those who remain. The tension that already exists between them grows ever more volatile when a stranger comes to live with them and disrupts their idea of normalcy.

Uploaded: 2 May 2014    


Murder University
Independent / Horror / Comedy

Twenty years ago, there was a series of brutal cult-like killings at a university in a small New England town in 1983. The killer was never caught but everything seemed quiet until twenty years later. Freshman and loner Josh Greene manages to survive being attacked by the masked maniac and is recruited by Detective Forrester to help catch the killer and finally put a stop to these killings.

Uploaded: 29 April 2014    


Demon Resurrection
Independent / Horror

Grace's friends are setting up an intervention for her when they believe her new boyfriend has gotten her into drugs. When they arrive at the secluded house they quickly realize that what's up with Grace is far worse than a drug addiction.

Uploaded: 28 April 2014    


The Last Big Thing
Independent / Comedy

Simon Geist is the most dangerous man in Los Angeles. Fueled by the Underground Agenda, Simon sets up interviews with musicians, models, actors and comedians for his magazine, that doesn't actually exist, only to berate and terrorize those who foolishly agree to meet with him. A chance meeting with one of his victims lands Simon opportunities and causes him to grow in popularity. Will he stay true to his convictions or will he become part of the system he hates and become the next big thing?

Uploaded: 27 April 2014    


The Hard Cut Double Feature
Independent / Noir / Exploitation / Horror / Comedy

"The Hard Cut Double Feature" tells the stories of two men who become tangled in a web of murder, satanic rituals and a lost exploitation film. In "The Hard Cut", Detective Roddy is hired by a mysterious and sultry woman to find a copy of a movie called "Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan". Not a big deal until Roddy uncovers why this movie is so desirable and why there are people out there who are willing to kill for it. Then in "I Woke Up Screaming the Day I Died" we see the same story told from the perspective of Rocky, a hitman-for-hire who gets caught up in the fight for the film after his boss sends him after Roddy.

Uploaded: 22 April 2014    


Struggled Reagans
Independent / Comedy / Sci-fi / Fantasy

6 young adults are traumatized by a horrible event in their life which creates a tumor in the collective unconscious. They're then called upon to rid the collective unconscious of this tumor by being given powers to create a group called Struggled Reagans. Their fight has only begun, as they have to beat everything that's thrown at them to protect the tumor.

Uploaded: 21 April 2014    


7th Day
Independent / Horror / Thriller

A murderer is trying to find out what he actually wants in life: the woman he believes is the one, or murder. He decides to spend 7 days figuring it out, but it's not always an easy decision.

Uploaded: 18 April 2014    


Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer
Independent / Comedy / Horror

It seemed like Atom was destined to follow in his Grandfather's footsteps by taking his bowling team, The Amazing Zombie Killers, to the top of a local bowling tournament and where they would then compete in Hawaii. That was until Dario and his team, The Slashers, showed up and stole the spot from Atom's team by cheating. Between that and his girlfriend leaving him, things seem to be about as bad as they can get for Atom. That is until he finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Uploaded: 16 April 2014    


Scars of Youth
Independent / Experimental / Sci-Fi

200 years into the future, society has fractioned off into tiny groups with a mysterious wall appearing out of nowhere segregating the population even further from their own world. Paul is a man living within these walls that appear to be closing in around him. However, Paul's focus isn't on the collapsing society but his own personal world as he looks to the past to help solve his present problems with his mother, Helen. A beautiful woman who is drinking an unknown black liquid that's keeping her youthful but is also causing her mind to slip and scars to form all over her body.

Uploaded: 14 April 2014    


Independent / Mystery / Thriller / Noir / Horror

A group of people awaken inside a home with no memory of who they are or how they got there and worse, there seems to be a supernatural force preventing them from leaving. Attempting to find answers to who they are and why they're in the home, these strangers begin to wander down the haunted halls of the home.

Uploaded: 13 April 2014    


Big Bad Wolves
Thriller / Crime / Comedy

Young girls are found raped, murdered and decapitated, and a teacher is the main suspect. When a cop and the father of one of the victims are both hunting him down, he's soon tied and tortured in a basement until he reveals the truth. It quickly turns into a triangle drama when the father is uncertain whether he can trust the cop or not.

Uploaded: 13 April 2014    


The Beauty Strip
Independent / Documentary / Erotic / Experimental

Accompanied with music we're taken into the lives of several women's erotic lifestyles as they are free reveal themselves however they feel secure to.

Uploaded: 11 April 2014    


A Public Ransom
Independent / Thriller / Mystery / Noir / Comedy

When a selfish author, Steven, finds a missing person flyer with a crayon drawing on it, he calls the number on the flyer. Upon meeting the man who made the flyer, he refuses to believe that he actually has a child kidnapped, but is inspired by the whole thing and wants to write a book based on it. The man ends up becoming a larger part of his life than he ever wanted him to.

Uploaded: 9 April 2014    


Forever Evil

There's a massacre in a cabin and only one man survives the horrible ghoul that attacked them. After his recovery a woman contacts him because she has also witnessed the evil that killed his friends. Together they start investigating the situation and find out they have to fight an ancient evil that has came to earth.

Uploaded: 6 April 2014    


Drama / Horror

Paul Grot is a quiet, unassuming man. He can come off as a bit creepy at times but for the most part he is nothing more than shy and, unfortunately, devoid of social interaction. However, he keeps a dark secret in his home: the dead body of a young woman. While Paul may not have a relationship with any living person, he's developed a strong bond with the lifeless body of this woman and begins to fill a void in his life. That is until Paul begins to realize what he's done.

Uploaded: 4 April 2014    


Discovering the Talent of Emma Eliza Regan
Interview by: Ronny

Along with a new wave of Irish independent film a new talent started to bloom. Emma Eliza Regan has been part of a number of our recent favorite independent films from Ireland, including "Tin Can Man" which made our top #2 back in 2012. Acting might not have been the goal growing up and discovered in late teens, but she shows as much passion and maturity as someone who has been in the field for decades. It's with pleasure we finally publish this interview with her.

Uploaded: 2 April 2014    


Love Eternal
Drama / Thriller / Mystery

At the age of 6, Ian loses his father. Even though he continues life living with his mother, he becomes a quiet, secluded young man who spends most of his time in his room. As a young man he also loses his mother, and is left to himself. He decides to finally do what he has planned for a long time - to end his life. But his fascination of death keeps him alive for a while longer.

Uploaded: 1 April 2014    


Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical
Independent / Thriller / Musical

A gunshot to the head might kill most people, but not tough guy Eugene Hicks. He wakes up angry and set out for revenge on the person who shot him - a cop. He's also out to find the love of his life, a woman he attacked and raped, but who grew fond of him as well.

Uploaded: 30 March 2014    


Comedy / Crime / Adventure / Thriller

Chris and Tina, a new loving couple, go on a road trip vacation together with a caravan. He wants to show her everything that is to offer out there, but eventually his big secret is revealed as well: he's a murderer. If people annoy him, they're about to die. Tina's love can't be broken by something tiny as that, and so their relationship grows stronger - albeit more complicated.

Uploaded: 30 March 2014    


Self Storage

Jake's a security guard at a large storage facility. Inside of the facility, his colleagues are running are stearing up an human organ trafficking deal behind his back. When Jake let's his friends party over at his work place, the colleagues know where to look for organs for their latest big deal.

Uploaded: 29 March 2014    


Caesar and Otto's Deadly Xmas
Independent / Horror / Comedy

A failed attempt at having a Thanksgiving party at their crappy apartment is the least of their worries as both Caesar and Otto find themselves in another terrifying pickle from the fast approaching holidays. A maniacal Santa Claus is going around and hacking up all the people Caesar and Otto know. And if that wasn't bad enough, Otto finds himself in a mid-life crisis over a missed chance at love while Caesar has to deal with his own personal fears when he's booked to play as Santa at malls.

Uploaded: 28 March 2014    


Having Fun Up There
Independent / Drama / Comedy

Playing music hasn't paid off for 37 year old Mark, but he has came to terms with it. If you're passionate about your art, you don't have to be successful at it. But still there is something that is gnawing at him. Everyone else seems to be finding their happiness, but why can't he?

Uploaded: 28 March 2014    


The Last Horror Film
Horror / Sleaze / Comedy

A cab driver takes his obsession with a famous horror actress too far when he decides to go to the Cannes Film Festival to make a movie with her in the leading role. But he's not there for a meeting, just to make his dream come true. People are killed off while he starts shooting his movie guerillea style with her unsuspectingly in the leading role. Just like he always hoped for.

Uploaded: 28 March 2014    


Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
Comedy / Splatter / Horror / Musical

The American Chicken Bunker, a fried-chicken chain, builds a restaurant in Tromaville right on top of an ancient Indian burial ground. Arbie starts working there as a protest against his vegetarian now-lesbian ex-girlfriend who is protesting outside, but will soon regret his decision. The dead will rise in this restaurant. Not the bodies buried below, but the chicken in the restaurant. And it will spread to anyone who eats there.

Uploaded: 27 March 2014    


Dead Kids
Horror / Sci-fi / Slasher

After a test, Pete Brady's closest friend, a typical D student, manages to get an A after a few meetings with a female scientist. Pete's invited over to one of her classes and afterwards she wants him to visit her clinic so she can perform the same experiment on him as on his friend, to make him better in school. But this experiment isn't just making you better in school, it also forces you to kill. Students are killed off in the most bizarre ways, seemingly by different people, and Pete is soon in the middle of it all.

Uploaded: 27 March 2014    


Independent / Drama / Romance / Comedy

The luck of an animator is running out when a studio shows no interest to his latest pitch. However, his luck seems to be turning around when he meets a young, free-spirited woman at an art exhibit who knows a guy at Pixar who she can help him get a pitch with. Love blooms between the two as they go on a roadtrip to San Francisco to meet the guy. But will love last once secrets are revealed?

Uploaded: 26 March 2014    


Ghosts of Empire Prairie
Independent / Drama / Crime

Lonnie returns home to Empire Prairie, the desolate little town where he once grew up. Where his drunk father and younger brother still live. But when Lonnie returns home there's no family reunion, there's only trouble brewing.

Uploaded: 24 March 2014    


Dangerous Obsession
Thriller / Crime / Mystery

When a televangelist is murdered, a detective is hired by the Church to protect it and the owner's daughter - a woman he's instantly attracted to. Being hired means more than just another job, he's now entering a world of crime, deceit and sin. While at home, he's having personal problems with the relationship with his wife.



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